What is an infrared cabin?

Infrared cabins can now be found in almost every sauna facility. The chambers are also suitable for the home four walls. But what benefit do they actually bring?
Health and effect of infrared cabins

Health and effect of infrared cabins

As a sauna fan, you have certainly seen an infrared cabin before. They are these cabinet-like structures that are now in almost every sauna facility. Because of its compact design, the infrared sauna has now also found its way into the four walls at home. By the way, it is not without reason so popular. When it comes to health benefits, the small chambers can easily compete with the large saunas. We explain in detail why this is so. Of course, this article will also tell you exactly how the infrared cabin works.

How does an infrared cabin work?

We already mentioned that cabins are characterized by their usually very compact design. They look like a cabinet with one or two seats. In the meantime, there are also more spacious models with a lounger. What all models have in common is the technology: unlike in a sauna, the body is not heated by the air in the room.

The cabins contain infrared radiators that emit heat. They are directed directly at the body and thus increase its core temperature. That brings apart from the space-saving building method still another advantage with itself: The cabins need also not much energy. After all, the heat acts exactly where it should.

The models are controlled by the user himself. This is even the case in large bathrooms. In modern cabins, this is done via a convenient touchscreen located inside the cabin. On it, the user sets the temperature and duration. Sometimes it is also possible to select a particular lighting mood and play music.

How do the infrared rays work?

The user of the cabin is illuminated by infrared rays, there is no classic radiator. The rays do not heat the air itself, but develop their effect only when they hit the skin. There, the light rays are converted into heat. This is a highly effective process that quickly makes the guest sweat – and quite violently. Even at relatively low temperatures, the body secretes more sweat than in a Finnish sauna. Some even talk about double to triple the amount.

Is that healthy?

Sweating so much is definitely healthy. Because in this way, the body initiates an effective detoxification process and boosts the metabolism. Because the body loses so much fluid, it can even flush out the toxins that are stored deep in the fatty tissue. Among these toxins, by the way, is the stress hormone cortisol. To guarantee the best effect, you should stay in the infrared cabin for half an hour.

Deep relaxation thanks to infrared

The stay in the infrared sauna provides a pleasant, deep relaxation. This is not only because stress hormones are sweated out. The heat is also responsible for relaxed muscles. Hardened muscles loosen much faster in the cabin than in a conventional sauna. After all, the core temperature of the body rises much faster here. As always, if the muscles relax, the whole body relaxes.

The organism sends a signal to the brain that the stress is now over and calm has returned. As a result, happiness hormones are also released. In addition, the blood circulation also benefits from the stay in the infrared sauna. The heat causes the blood vessels to dilate – and in the cold they contract again.

This trains elasticity. In itself, this is a process that can also be observed in the conventional sauna. However, according to the manufacturers, it is much gentler in the small cabins. In this respect also patients with heart cycle problems can sit down without doubts on the small benches.

Beautifully makes that also still

Sweating in the infrared cab is not only good for the health. It also makes still beautiful. As mentioned, the organism secretes a large amount of sweat. In addition to toxins, the liquid flushes dead cells from the skin. This is a kind of peeling, which strengthens elasticity and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. The effects are really visible only with regular use. But even the first visit brings visible results: because blood circulation is stimulated, the complexion appears rosier.

Worth a visit

If you haven’t ventured into the small cubicles yet, you should definitely do so on your next visit to the spa. It may lack the romance of a crackling sauna oven. For the health, such a sweat bath brings however many advantages with itself.

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With the built-in double control unit (operation from inside and outside) you can centrally adjust the lighting, the HiFi system, the temperature, and the timer. The control units are simple and intuitive to ensure easy operation of the cabin. It is possible to switch the exterior & interior lighting and LED color light therapy separately. You can choose your desired color, or you can have the colors change automatically.

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