Infrared cabin – instant heat at the touch of a button

Especially in the cold season, many people long for warmth. When the sky is gray and rainy and you have to go out into the cold every day, warmth is a real boon for body and soul.
Infrared cabin: deep warmth for body, skin and senses

Infrared cabin: deep warmth for body, skin and senses

Not without reason, more and more people decide to buy an infrared cabin for home, which provides pleasant instant heat at the touch of a button. No matter whether after a long walk on a windy and cold day, after a hard day at work or even after sports – an infrared cabin provides maximum relaxation. In addition, it is a worthwhile alternative to the classic sauna cabin – we will explain why in more detail below.

Why is an infrared cabin a gentler alternative to the classic sauna?

The classic sauna heats the air with the help of a sauna heater, in which regular infusions are performed. Thus, the temperature inside the sauna cabin can rise to more than 194 °F. This is relaxing for many people, but for some it is also exhausting and stressful for the circulation. Inhaling the hot air in particular is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Who would like itself to enjoy relaxation likewise, but these in a more careful kind, is well advised with an infrared cab. In contrast to the sauna, the heat in the infrared cabin is generated by special infrared radiators, which do not heat the air, but the body. The air temperature is always at a comfortable level of between 77 and 114,8 °F – perfect for taking some time out and enjoying the warmth.

How does the heat generation in an infrared cabin work?

In an infrared cabin, heat is generated by infrared radiators. This is composed of electric waves that cause molecules to vibrate, thus generating heat. The same principle can be observed in sunlight: Here, too, the heat of the rays warms the skin and we become warm.

In an infrared cabin, the effect works similarly, but here the harmful UV radiation is omitted. Immediately after switching on the infrared radiators, the rays warm our body as well as the underlying muscles. This helps to relieve painful tensions, which is very pleasant, especially after sports.

Because only about 20% of the generated heat energy is released to the surrounding air and the rest hits the body, the infrared cabin is much more efficient than the normal sauna cabin. This effect is also the main reason why the air inside an infrared cabin is not as circulatory stressful as in a sauna. Nevertheless, you will definitely sweat in it, which is also very healthy.

What are the advantages of an infrared cabin?

An infrared cabin is quickly ready for use, because it does not require a long heating time: it is enough to turn it on and just a few seconds later you can feel the pleasant warmth on your skin. Who feels for example already tense the whole day over and longs for relaxation, goes in the evening simply into the infrared cab – by push of a button one enjoys Wellness completely privately with itself at home.

A further advantage is that one does not feel normally so tired and exhausted after a meeting in the infrared cab as after a sauna session. The infrared radiation is therefore much gentler than the sauna, but this does not affect the health effect in any case.

What health benefits does an infrared cabin offer?

By sweating in the infrared cabin, the body excretes toxins and slags – it is thus practically cleaned from the inside. Furthermore, the infrared cabin stimulates our blood circulation. Tensions are released, also the immune system is strengthened. If one suffers from a stiff neck or back pain, one usually feels a clear improvement after a session in the infrared cabin.

Because the temperatures in an infrared cabin are much lower than in a sauna, it is also suitable for people who suffer from circulatory problems. Even children may use it – of course, only under adult supervision.

Practical: For the installation of an infrared cabin no power connection and thus also no assistance of an electrician is necessary, as it is the case with a sauna cabin. You connect it to your home’s power outlet normally and you can get started right away. In addition, infrared heaters are considered to be extremely low-maintenance and durable. It is usually not necessary to replace the heating elements if it is a high-quality product.

Using the infrared cabin correctly – important tips

Basically, a session in the infrared cabin can not be compared with that in a classic sauna. This is because there are not several short courses, but only one long session. This takes about 30 minutes – during which you sweat profusely. Afterward, a cool shower is recommended as a way to cool down, which really gets the circulation going again and additionally stimulates the blood flow.

Infrared cabins are available for private use, both as a single cabin and for many people. Here it depends completely on whether one would like to enjoy the warmth alone or together with the family and/or with friends. In any case, it is certain that an infrared cabin provides maximum relaxation – and wellness simply at the touch of a button.


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