Do infrared cabins have health benefits?

An infrared heat cabin offers much more than just relaxation, it scores with many health benefits.
The effect of infrared cabins on health

The effect of infrared cabins on health

It is well known that a visit to the sauna is healthy – because the heat is extremely beneficial for our body as well as for the soul. But what about the infrared cabin, which has become a real alternative to sauna cabins in recent years? Basically, of course, a sauna can not be replaced, because in an infrared cabin is a completely different kind of heat. Nevertheless, it also offers many health benefits, which we explain in more detail in the following guide.

Why an infrared cabin is worthwhile

Sweating is for many people a wonderful way to leave everyday life behind and switch off. A visit to the infrared cabin strengthens our immune system in the long term and makes the body more resistant to viruses. However, the greater effect is achieved by changing the temperature. If one goes after a visit in the infrared cabin or the sauna into a cool dipping basin, the health effect is still increased. Also with illnesses, the use of an infrared cabin can be of advantage – here it is however advisable to discuss itself in the apron with the treating physician.

Firmly stands: Who sweats regularly in an infrared cabin, changes the body-own defense mechanisms lastingly. Through the thermal stimuli, our body forms so-called killer cells, which ensure that viruses have no chance in the event of an illness. Especially in autumn, when colds are spreading everywhere, the great advantage of an infrared cabin becomes apparent.

A further plus: Our metabolism and our musculature experience substantial advantages by the warmth in the infrared cab. The skin experiences a thorough cleaning down to the pores and an extremely effective blood circulation. However, in order to observe these effects, it is important to use the infrared cabin at regular intervals. If you are only aiming for physical and mental relaxation, one visit is enough.

How an infrared cabin works

In a normal sauna cabin, the temperature is so high that our body is automatically heated as well. In addition, the sauna heater is fired again and again, so that it can give off heat accordingly afterward. In a sauna cabin, the temperatures sometimes reach 80 °C (176 °F), whereas in the infrared cabin, the maximum temperature is only 60 °C (140 °F). Thus, the infrared cabin is for many people the gentler solution, which puts less strain on the circulation.

Responsible for heat production are mainly surface heating elements, which are located on the walls in the infrared cabin. Thus, a clear difference can be seen mainly in the way the heat is produced, because it is not produced in the whole room, but only when it comes into contact with the skin. Because here it is our own body, which generates the heat. This is therefore a way to stimulate the body itself to produce sweat. It must become active itself, which also contributes to a strengthening of the immune system.

What are the health benefits of the infrared cabin?

Because the heat in an infrared cabin is generated only when it hits our skin, it also does not heat up all the air in the cabin. Nevertheless, it penetrates deep into our body, which takes only a few minutes and brings an immediate effect. This deep heat generated in the process is very pleasant, especially for joint problems and tension, and can be roughly compared to the health effect of a red light lamp.

One of the biggest advantages is of course the sweating itself. Especially people who have problems with water retention benefit from it. Our metabolism is positively influenced, and the body is much better supplied with blood. The skin glows, gets a rosy complexion and feels plumper.

The effect of infrared rays can be compared with the effect of the sun on our skin. Our body releases happiness hormones – so-called endorphins – which positively influence our whole organism and our mood. In an infrared cabin, it is therefore possible to switch off wonderfully and take a break from the stress of everyday life.

A big plus: Most modern infrared cabins are extremely energy-saving. On average, the energy consumption is only 1.5 kWh, while a sauna cabin consumes up to 7.5 kWh. This has a simple reason: the infrared cabin heats up in a very short time, and the deep heat on the body is also generated quickly. Furthermore, an infrared cabin usually requires much less space than a sauna cabin and can therefore be accommodated even in a spacious bathroom.

Sweating is not only good for our body, but also increases our well-being. In this way, it is gently “cleaned” from the inside. The infrared cabin enhances this effect even more, as it ensures that our energy balance in the body improves. It is better supplied with oxygen and our blood circulation also works much better as a result. The organism is better able to transport oxygen through the body during a regular visit to an infrared cabin.

Sweating for a beautiful skin

Those who suffer from skin problems also often benefit from sweating in an infrared cabin. This is because impurities and bacteria are also found among the debris that is removed, which is then transported to the outside of the body in this way. While sweating is done from the outside, in an infrared cabin our body has to work and sweat from the inside, so to speak. This ensures a much better removal of harmful substances. The skin is lastingly and pore-deep cleaned. The first effects can be easily seen after just one visit to the infrared cabin. The effect is strengthened, naturally, again clearly, if the attendance in the infrared cab more frequently takes place.

Here a clear difference shows up to the Sauna, in which several courses are necessary, in order to obtain the same effect. In the meantime, one cools down the body in the dipping basin or in a cold shower again and again. On average, a visit to the infrared cabin should take no more than 30 minutes; for many people, 20 minutes is quite enough. Because we sweat more in this time, the comparatively rather short passage is also sufficient.

A sauna visit, on the other hand, takes longer. The first sauna session usually takes fifteen minutes, after which the body is cooled down with cold water and then allowed to rest for half an hour. After that, a second course can take place once again. For this reason, an infrared cabin is also interesting for people who do not have much time, but still want to do something good for their well-being and health.

For whom is the infrared cabin suitable?

Basically, an infrared cabin is suitable for every healthy adult person. Children can also use it, but they should be at least six years old. In advance, it is advisable to seek advice from a doctor. Because the temperature inside an infrared cabin is significantly lower than in a sauna cabin, children can be taken inside at an earlier age.

Also for pregnant women the attendance is in an infrared cab, a genuine benefit – however also here should be held in the apron with a physician consultation. Because: A visit in the infrared cabin is also not completely harmless, if one suffers for example from cycle problems or other illnesses. Therefore, a preliminary medical examination is important in any case before you treat yourself to some wellness for the soul.


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