Is it allowed to use the infrared cabin during pregnancy?

A great and above all beneficial alternative to the classic sauna is the infrared cabin. Due to the irradiation with infrared light, it is very gentle on the circulation. After all, the temperatures of only 30 degrees Celsius (86 °F) are significantly lower than in a conventional sauna. Consequently, the circulatory load is also significantly lower. Nevertheless, you should follow some tips.
Is it safe to use an infrared cabin during pregnancy?

Is it safe to use an infrared cabin during pregnancy?

The infrared cabin is a mild form of sauna, and many appreciate the soothing and relaxing effects. The comfort temperature of an infrared sauna is about 30-60 °C (86 -140 °F). The session can last up to about 30 minutes. In principle, the infrared cabin is suitable for people of all ages, including children and seniors, provided there are no medical objections.

No secured research results

A generally valid recommendation, whether pregnant women should use the infrared sauna or not, is not possible at present, because there are to this topic no founded scientific realizations. However, pregnant women cannot be advised against visiting an infrared sauna in principle, because there are no indications that this could be an increased risk for the pregnant woman or the unborn child, at least not in a normal pregnancy.

Infrared radiation is safe for mother and child

Pregnant women usually find a visit to an infrared cabin very relaxing, soothing and antispasmodic. Also, it is described again and again that existing complaints at joints or in the back improve spontaneously. These are complaints and disorders of well-being that can occur more frequently, especially during pregnancy. In case of a normal pregnancy, there is usually nothing to be said against using an infrared cabin.

Consult a doctor before using an infrared sauna

However, in case of existing pre-existing conditions or high-risk pregnancies, the doctor should be consulted before using an infrared sauna. The typical infrared radiation penetrates only up to the top layers of the skin, i.e. only a few millimeters into the skin. So, if the infrared sauna is not set too warm and the length of stay is observed, pregnant women can definitely use an infrared cabin.

As when visiting a conventional sauna, attention should always be paid to personal sensation. If you feel unwell or have circulatory problems, please leave the infrared sauna immediately.

Start with low temperature and reduced length of stay

Pregnant women do not have to be afraid of infrared radiation, because it cannot reach the unborn child, the amniotic fluid or the uterus. So, this so-called IR-A radiation in the infrared cabin does not pose any danger to the child. Nevertheless, there is an intense temperature level in the infrared sauna, during the stay the body temperature should not exceed 38 °C  (100 °F). If it becomes noticeably too hot, either leave the cabin, open the cabin door or reduce the heat in the infrared cabin.

If you are pregnant and visiting an infrared cabin for the first time, you should take special care. It is always recommended to start with a low intensity and only gradually increase. For pregnant women in the infrared sauna, it is recommended to sit upright. This is because lying down, for example on a relax lounger, can cause nausea.

The heat in the infrared sauna is labor-promoting

For safety’s sake, it is also advisable for pregnant women to visit the infrared sauna only together with a competent accompanying person. This is especially true in the last trimester of pregnancy, as the infrared heat can promote the premature onset of labor. Pregnant women should therefore be aware of the fact that the heat in an infrared sauna may well be the starting signal for a delivery.

Every pregnancy is different, so only general advice can be given for a possible stay of pregnant women in the infrared sauna. It is important to mention once again that pregnant women should only visit an infrared sauna if the pregnancy is harmless and without complications. In each individual case, only the doctor can judge whether a stay in the infrared sauna could possibly be connected with risks or not.

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