Can I wear an Oura ring in the sauna?

Have you ever wondered if you can wear your Oura ring in the sauna? Or whether the high temperatures could harm him? If you have these questions, you have come to the right place! In this article we will take a closer look at the topic "Oura ring in the sauna" and find out if it is possible to wear the accessory in the sauna or if you should take precautions.
What are the health benefits of the Oura ring?
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What are the health benefits of the Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring is a true marvel of technology that can support your health in a variety of ways. This elegant accessory is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry – it’s a wearable measurement device that is worn on your finger and records a lot of important health data.

The Oura Ring has a variety of sensors that record your heart rate, respiration, body temperature, and many other important health data. This data is then displayed in an app that you can install on your smartphone. With the app, you can track your progress and see how your health improves over time.

In addition to recording health data, the Oura Ring can also help you optimize your sleep habits. It records your sleep duration and quality and gives you tips on how to get a more restful sleep. The Oura Ring can also be used to gain insight into your daily routine and how to optimize it.

Can you wear an Oura ring in the sauna?

The thought of taking your Oura ring to the sauna may sound tempting. After all, the Oura ring offers many health benefits and it would be a shame to miss out on them while relaxing and unwinding in the sauna.

However, there are some factors that should be considered when wearing the Oura ring in the sauna. A distinctive feature of the ring is its water resistance: thanks to its water resistance, it can be safely worn in the steam room, while washing hands or even while swimming. However, it is not recommended to wear the ring while diving or to keep it underwater for more than 12 hours. Even in freezing temperatures as low as -29 degrees Celsius, the ring will still function without any problems.

However, caution is advised if the Oura Ring is to be used in a sauna. While it can be worn in an infrared cabin without any problems, care should be taken when using it in a conventional sauna, which can reach temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures can affect the performance and durability of the ring.

The advantages and disadvantages of an Oura ring

You can improve your health and fitness with the Oura Ring, a wearable fitness tracker. The Oura Ring has several advantages, some of which are detailed here.


  • Measures sleep, heart rate and daily activities
  • Waterproof and frost resistant (up to 30 m depth and -29 °C).
  • Can be worn in infrared cabins
  • Easy to use via the Oura app
  • Helps you achieve your goals by giving you personalized recommendations
  • Can be used as an alarm clock and notification tool
  • Stylish and discreet design that is easy to wear


  • High price compared to other fitness trackers or smartwatches
  • Limited sizes
  • Uncomfortable to wear for some users
  • Variations in accuracy
  • Not all models are waterproof

Our conclusion

The Oura Ring is an innovative wearable that can help improve health. With its numerous sensors, it can record important health data such as heart rate, respiration, and body temperature and display them in an app that can be installed on a smartphone. This allows users to track their progress and see how their health is improving over time.

In addition to recording health data, the Oura Ring can also help optimize sleep quality by recording sleep duration and quality and providing tips for more restful sleep. The ring can also be used to provide insights into and optimize daily routines.

The Oura Ring is also water-resistant, meaning it can be worn safely in a steam room, while washing hands, or even while swimming. However, it should not be worn while diving or left underwater for more than 12 hours. That being said, caution should be taken when wearing the ring in high temperatures, such as in a sauna, as these can affect the performance and durability of the ring.

Overall, the Oura Ring is a useful device for monitoring and optimizing health, but it should be used with caution regarding its water resistance and use at high temperatures. However, keep in mind that it is not a device for making medical diagnoses or detecting health problems.

Alternative to the Oura Ring

Fitness and body monitoring technologies have gained tremendous popularity in recent years as more and more people want to gain insight into their personal health and fitness. The Oura Ring is just one of several devices available to capture information about the physical world.

The Cart Skylab ECG Ring is a fantastic alternative to the Oura Ring. The timeless design of the CART ECG Ring combines elegance and functionality in one. Using the included software for iOS and Android devices, you can constantly monitor the functions of the CART and your heart rate.