Lose weight by sweating - Is it possible?

Does sweating help burn more calories?

Sweating is a natural process of the body that helps regulate body temperature. It can also be a sign of physical exertion, and many people wonder if they can burn extra calories by sweating more during exercise. This article addresses whether sweating during exercise helps burn extra energy.

fat burning in the sauna

Fat burning in the sauna

What is really true about the myth of losing weight in the sauna? Does the heat actually melt our body fat or do we just sweat out so much water that the scale shows less weight immediately after a sauna session?

What happens in the body during sweating?

Sauna for weight loss?

A visit to the sauna is beneficial to health and relaxing. These statements probably confirm most sauna fans. Many people visit the sauna to lose weight, because they hope to lose a few fat pads in a relaxed way. What is the truth of the often quoted statement that saunas are a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off permanently?