Sauna for weight loss?

A visit to the sauna is beneficial to health and relaxing. These statements probably confirm most sauna fans. Many people visit the sauna to lose weight, because they hope to lose a few fat pads in a relaxed way. What is the truth of the often quoted statement that saunas are a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off permanently?
What happens in the body during sweating?

Purify and lose weight in the sauna

Sauna to lose weight: is it really that easy? After the sweat bath actually occurs weight loss, because not for nothing we feel relaxed and light as a feather. This weight loss awakens new spirits and the organism revives. However, if you think that a few regular visits to the sauna will rid you of more or less fat deposits, you are sadly mistaken.

It is not that simple to lose weight

No sauna visit can reduce excess weight, which is usually caused by long-term malnutrition and lack of exercise. That would be too good to be true. Before you succumb to the myth of permanent weight loss, you should learn more about saunas.

This way you will understand what effect the sweat bath has on the body and organism and what difference it makes to permanent fat burning.

What happens in the body during sweating?

The pleasing weight reduction that many people notice after visiting the sauna is not permanent. Soon the scales show the usual unloved values again. A sauna visit has a positive effect on the metabolism.

By sweating out larger quantities of body fluid, you lose not only water, but also harmful substances and toxins. These accumulate in the body in the form of slag. This purification stimulates the metabolism.

Can you sweat out harmful substances so easily?

In total, your body loses about one liter of fluid per sauna session. However, healthy detoxification does not occur through fluid loss alone. Dehydration thickens the blood, which carries away harmful substances and toxins.

The prevailing opinion is that harmful substances are simply sweated out. However, only one percent of the fluid loss that occurs in the form of sweat during saunas consists of harmful substances such as urea, potassium and common salt.

Water loss in the body

So-called slag substances are also excreted through the skin, draining to the subcutaneous tissue. At the same time, however, the skin never loses enough water to cause damage. The body regulates this entire process so perfectly that the skin is tightened.

The whole circulation is deeply stimulated. The blood vessels dilate due to the heat effect and the strong blood circulation. They constrict as soon as you leave the sauna cabin and cooler ambient temperatures prevail again. This keeps the relaxing warmth in the body longer.

Abstain from sugary drinks

By depriving the body of water, the blood becomes thick and is thus able to absorb and remove a greater amount of harmful substances. This process has the effect of facilitating the work of the kidneys.

Do not forget to drink

Another way of removing waste products is through urine. It is important to ensure sufficient fluid intake. However, opinions differ whether you should drink before, during or after the sauna.

It is best to drink when you feel the need. However, avoid sugary drinks like soda pop and drink water, herbal tea or fruit spritzers instead.

No fat burning without exercise

A long-term weight reduction is not possible with the sweat bath, however, because no fat burning takes place. A comfortable sweating out of unloved fat pads in the sauna therefore does not occur. However, regular sauna visits can support a diet and sporting activities.

Permanent weight reduction through sport, exercise, and diet

Permanent weight reduction is possible only through regular exercise and diet with few calories. Half an hour of sport per day is sufficient.

In combination with a calorie-reduced diet, you will soon see noticeable results. However, these do not occur immediately on the first day, patience is required here. The advantage, however, is that the much feared yo-yo effect does not occur.

Endurance sports such as jogging, Nordic walking or cycling are best suited. With regard to nutrition, it is sometimes enough to refrain from daily sins with a lot of calories.

Conclusion on sauna for weight loss

Even if regular sauna visits do not lead to long-term weight loss due to the lack of fat burning, they have a positive effect on health. Due to the loss of fluids, a temporary weight loss occurs, which stimulates the metabolism and circulation.

Harmful substances and toxins are drained from the body through purification and make us feel well and relaxed. The organism gets new energy. The daily demands of life become much easier.

Sauna for weight loss can support long-term weight reduction through sports and calorie-reduced diet.


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