Fat burning in the sauna

What is really true about the myth of losing weight in the sauna? Does the heat actually melt our body fat or do we just sweat out so much water that the scale shows less weight immediately after a sauna session?
fat burning in the sauna

Does fat burning take place in the sauna?

A sauna facility is now standard equipment in every good gym. Many visitors, as well as professional top athletes, visit this place after their training session, sometimes even several times in a week, to relax the muscles and the soul and to burn extra calories once again. Many firmly believe that sweat is a sign of fat burning and intensive sauna can reduce body weight.

Sauna prevents sore muscles

In fact, the constant change from warm to cold promotes blood circulation and provides the muscles with nutrients. Especially during a diet or an ambitious sports program, this regeneration of the muscles is extremely useful, because it prevents sore muscles and stimulates the body’s metabolism. But are calories really burned permanently?

The fat stays where it is

The sober truth is: The actual weight loss after a visit to the sauna is only due to the loss of fluid than to the burning of fat. We do not really lose weight in the process. It is true that the body also burns calories during sweating – depending on height and weight, about 40 calories are burned in 30 minutes, as it tries to compensate for the extremely high temperatures. However, the immediate weight loss is solely due to sweat-driven water loss. So, if you quench your thirst immediately after a sauna session and only then step on the scale, you won’t notice a single difference from your original weight.

Drinking properly after a sauna session

Due to the high loss of fluids, many people not only feel very thirsty, but also have a strong appetite. Therefore, you should drink a lot after each visit to the sauna. However, drinks without alcohol. Ideally, an apple juice spritzer or water. Afterward, a healthy, low-calorie meal should be eaten.

Sauna or diet

When dieting, saunas can even have a positive effect on body weight. This is because regular sauna sessions, i.e. once or twice a week, stimulate the metabolism and strengthen the circulation, which makes us more resilient at work, in everyday life and in sports.

Conclusion of the editorship

Who would like to lose however purposefully and durably, does not come around the sport driving. Because the sauna is not responsible for burning fat, but it can probably help us to lose weight more relaxed and faster. Remember. Regular physical activity is not only healthy, it also contributes to a better well-being in everyday life.