How to get ants from the garden sauna

Although ants are not considered pests outdoors or in the garden area, and can even be useful, so unpleasant these insects can be indoors.

Biological ant control in the event of an infestation of the garden sauna

Anyone who owns an outdoor sauna must sooner or later expect that ants can get into the sauna cabin, this happens through the smallest cracks and can not always be prevented even with the utmost care. Even if the garden sauna is not used for a long time, it should be checked for infestation at regular intervals.

Experience shows that an ant infestation is best contained and controlled if it is detected as early as possible. To effectively combat the ant infestation in the garden sauna, it does not always have to be the chemical mace, because there are also many proven home remedies to remove the little animals from the sauna cabin.

Do not immediately use the chemical club, if an ant infestation becomes a problem

Natural means of pest control are also recommended in the case of an ant infestation in the garden sauna, so as not to damage or affect the plants and animals in the rest of the garden. If there is an ant infestation in the sauna cabin, a search should be made for possible ant nests in the garden before the actual pest control. Ant colonies often prefer hidden places, such as under flower pots, in greenhouses, under patio slabs or under hollowed stone paths.

So, once such an ant nest is found near the garden sauna, this is the most likely cause of the infestation. However, the ant nest must not be destroyed by chemical means; this would not even be permissible due to the legal nature conservation regulations.

Relocating ant nests from your own garden to keep the animals out of the sauna

Relocation is the most elegant and gentle way to get rid of ants from your own garden, and thus also from a sauna. Of course, this requires some effort and is also not always easy, but ultimately worthwhile. Even seemingly harmless home remedies can be toxic to ants and destroy them, so they should always be used with caution and well-dosed.

If certain herbs such as lavender, cinnamon, or thyme are placed in the sauna cabin, the ants will usually not want to visit this place again. This is because the animals react extremely strongly to essential oils. Tea tree oil or cinnamon oil can also be placed in a small evaporator dish inside the sauna room and will ensure that the animals stay away.

Build lime barrier as an insurmountable circular wall around the sauna

A small bowl with a mixture of sugar, water, and brewer’s yeast can also be placed in the sauna. This natural ant trap reliably attracts the animals and then ensures that there are no more free-roaming ants inside the sauna. Baking soda is also a typical and often used means of ant control, but it kills the animals painfully and is therefore not recommended.

To prevent further infestation of the sauna cabin, a continuous barrier of lime several centimeters thick can be used around the outside of the sauna. The animals do not like lime, but it is completely harmless. This lime barrier has proven to be very effective, is insurmountable for the animals, and thus keeps them from getting inside a garden sauna.


Biological ant control for garden sauna infestations offers an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the chemical mace. With natural home remedies and the targeted use of essential oils such as lavender, cinnamon or tea tree oil, ants can be kept away without harming the plants and animals in the garden. Installing ant nests from your own garden is an elegant and gentle way to keep ants out of the sauna room.

Erecting a lime barrier around the sauna can prevent further infestation. In general, an ant infestation should be detected early and appropriate measures taken to ensure effective control. By using natural remedies responsibly, an ant infestation can be successfully contained so that the garden sauna can continue to be enjoyed without being bothered by the little insects.