Almost all sauna beginners make these mistakes!

In order to make a sauna session a benefit for mind and body, it is important to consider a few points. Particularly, sauna beginners sometimes do not yet know what things to pay attention to when taking a sauna in order to relax sustainably and make mistakes. This is usually not bad, but leads to the fact that a visit to the sauna can not develop the beneficial effect that is in it.

Taking a sauna the right way – this is how it’s done

Almost all sauna beginners make these mistakes! Most of the mistakes made by sauna beginners have to do with a lack of experience and can be avoided with the advice of experienced sauna-goers. By slowly getting used to regular sauna visits and everything that goes with it, mistakes will also be minimized and nothing will stand in the way of a relaxing sauna experience.

The right temperature is the key to a wonderful sauna experience

Many people who have no previous experience of visiting a sauna think that a high temperature means a more intense sauna experience. This is definitely not the case. This is because sauna beginners in particular should not underestimate how strenuous the high temperatures of a sauna can be for the body if it is not used to them.

For this reason, it is advisable, especially during the first few sauna sessions, to make sure that you tend to visit a sauna with lower temperatures. To avoid excessive heat in a sauna, it is advisable to stay on the lower level of a sauna, as it is often warmer in the area of the higher benches.

Taking a sauna is healthy if you don’t overdo it

A further misconception about sauna sessions that is very common relates to the fact that a sauna session is always beneficial to health. It is true that regular sauna sessions increase well-being and many medical conditions can be alleviated by using a sauna, but a sauna session is not useful for all ailments. In particular, if the circulation is weak or heart problems are present, a sauna visit should be approved by a doctor in advance. Other diseases that can be negatively affected by a sauna session are varicose veins and high blood pressure.

Avoid the sauna in case of acute indisposition

Due to the heat that a sauna radiates, there is a persistent rumor that a visit to the sauna is highly advisable when you have a cold. However, this is not true. Since the immune system is usually very severely challenged by the flu, the stress of the heat radiated during a sauna session would be counterproductive and put a great strain on the body. In order for a sauna visit to fully develop its positive effect, it is best if the body is exposed to the heat of a sauna without being stressed and is slowly introduced to the subject of saunas.

To ensure this, especially the first sauna sessions of a sauna beginner should only take place when he feels fit and healthy. Because only a balanced body can fully benefit from the healing and relaxing effects of a sauna.

Cooling down after a sauna must be well-prepared

Cooling down after a sauna session is indisputably very refreshing and invigorating for the body. However, care should be taken not to make the mistake of cooling down too quickly, for example by jumping into ice water. This can lead to serious health complications for untrained sauna users.

It makes more sense to get used to cold slowly before going into an ice bath or taking an ice shower, so as not to put too much strain on the body. A very effective way to get used to cold is to get out into the fresh air before refreshing the body with cold water.

With the right equipment, sauna sessions are a pleasure

Since sauna beginners are often not well versed in the intricacies of taking a sauna, sometimes the mistake of not using appropriate accessories occurs. To avoid accidents and ensure that a sauna session goes as desired, it is important to use only sauna accessories that are explicitly designed for use in saunas.

This applies in particular to infusions and all equipment used in connection with an infusion. For sauna novices who have purchased a sauna for their home without prior experience, it is also advisable to make sure they have a working thermometer on hand in their sauna.

Infusions should be enjoyed in moderation

Contrary to the widespread opinion among inexperienced sauna-goers that an infusion must be as strong as possible, one should be rather careful with the dosage of infusions. This is because the often very intense essential oils, which make an infusion a real pleasure, can sometimes cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract if used in excessive quantities.

As you slowly approach the subject of saunas and discover this wonderful way to relax, it is a highlight to experiment with different infusions and try out different aromas. Since infusions can have very different effects, it is extremely important to find out whether you personally prefer invigorating notes or relaxing infusions, in order to then find a pleasant dosage that does not cause any side effects.


Proper sauna use is based on experience and knowledge. Most of the mistakes that sauna novices make can be avoided by seeking advice from experienced sauna-goers and slowly getting used to regular sauna visits. An important factor for a pleasant sauna experience is the right temperature. Beginners should not think that a high temperature is more intense, but rather choose lower temperatures so as not to overtax the body.

Please note that taking a sauna is not beneficial to everyone’s health. People with poor circulation, heart problems, varicose veins or high blood pressure should consult a doctor before using the sauna. You should also avoid the sauna if you feel acutely unwell, as the heat can put additional strain on your weakened body.

It is also essential to cool down properly after your sauna session. Instead of immediately plunging into the ice water, you should slowly get used to the cold, for example, by breathing fresh air. This prevents health complications.

Basically, taking a sauna can be a pleasant and health-promoting experience if you follow the right rules, respect your own body and pay attention to your individual needs. Responsible use of the sauna allows for a relaxing and beneficial sauna experience.


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