Sauna beginners

Almost all sauna beginners make these mistakes!

In order to make a sauna session a benefit for mind and body, it is important to consider a few points. Particularly, sauna beginners sometimes do not yet know what things to pay attention to when taking a sauna in order to relax sustainably and make mistakes. This is usually not bad, but leads to the fact that a visit to the sauna can not develop the beneficial effect that is in it.

How sauna beginners sweat properly

Do not be afraid of the first visit to the sauna. Those who want to visit a sauna for the first time often wonder how such a sauna session goes. We give you many useful tips for your first visit to the sauna.

Do not be afraid of the first visit to the sauna

Sauna for beginners

The first time in the sauna? Sauna novices often panic before their first time in the sauna because they do not know how to behave. We provide assistance for your first visit to the sauna.

How to take a sauna the right way! Instruction for beginners

How sauna beginners learn to sweat properly

To get used to all the benefits of the sauna, typical beginner’s mistakes should be avoided. For an optimal sauna experience, it is important not to sauna on a completely empty stomach, nor immediately after eating. This is because sauna heat cranks up circulation, which could have negative effects in both cases.