What is an oxygen sauna?

Ever heard of an oxygen sauna? It helps against exhaustion and many other ailments. What this special form of sauna is all about, you can find out here.
Oxygen sauna - relaxation and regeneration for body and soul

Oxygen sauna – relaxation and regeneration for body and soul

Taking a sauna and still feeling like after a walk in the fresh air? Refreshed and full of energy? With the oxygen sauna, this is possible. It is a wellness program at its best: oxygen combined with the positive effects of a sauna! But what exactly do you mean by such a sauna?

What kind of sauna is it?

This type of sauna is a Finnish sauna with oxygen supply. The oxygen is inhaled through a so-called nasal cannula. The nasal cannula is connected with a hose to the oxygen connection on the sauna wall. The “goggles” themselves have two tubes. Through these, the oxygen goes directly into the nostrils. At the beginning, perhaps something getting used to. But once you have felt the beneficial, energizing effect, you won’t want to miss it.

In certain saunas, it is also possible to use a hose to deliver the supplemental oxygen directly to your airways. With the help of these devices, you can inhale the enriched oxygen directly through your mouth and/or nose.

Humans need sufficient oxygen

Taking a sauna is healthy, but it also means exertion for the body. Some even get short of breath, similar to a mountain tour. This is because the intense heat revs up the metabolism. The heart pumps faster. In the process, the body consumes more oxygen. At this point, many feel the urge to leave the sauna cabin. And in fact, it would normally be advisable to do so. Unless you are in an oxygen sauna …

Oxygen sauna for sensitive people

With an additional supply of oxygen by means of nasal cannulae, breathing becomes easier. You can stay longer in the sauna cabin, feel energetic and all-round fit. The tiredness that many feels when visiting the sauna disappears. With sufficient oxygen supply, the brain and organs function much better. The heat becomes more bearable. This is a blessing, especially for sensitive people.

Helps with many complaints

The greatest advantage of an additional oxygen supply is – as described above – the vitalizing effect. In addition, the oxygen sauna can help with many other complaints:

  • Anti-aging: Oxygen inhalation contributes to the renewal of skin cells. After just a few weeks, the skin looks fresher and firmer.
  • Concentration: This sauna variant increases the ability to concentrate and the general well-being.
  • Strengthening the immune system: oxygen sauna can help with many chronic diseases. These include viral infections, joint problems, back pain, allergies and chronic fatigue.


A stay in the oxygen sauna has an immensely relaxing effect. The cardiovascular system is relieved, and the body is really refreshed. Immune system and fitness profit lastingly. Admittedly, the nasal cannula may be somewhat unfamiliar at first. Who wants to help its health on the jump, should try it however absolutely times with the oxygen inhalation. By the way, it can also be retrofitted to existing sauna cabins.


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