Sauna against stress

Sweating in the sauna is a healthy thing. The alternating stimulus between hot and dry sauna air means pure stress for the body. But it is a positive stress for our body and soul.
Stress relief in the sauna

Stress relief in sauna

Sauna against stress. For many of us, everyday life is pure stress. We rush from appointment to appointment, try to meet even the shortest deadline and, of course, stay longer when the boss still needs us. What we forget in the process: ourselves. If you race through your life like this for a long time, you risk burnout.

At some point, the body and the psyche tell us: Nothing is possible anymore. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you create small time-outs in your everyday life, you ensure that stress is effectively reduced. At the same time, these time-outs also recharge your batteries for new tasks. And the best thing for such a time-out is a sauna day.

Relaxing in the sauna

In heat you manage to shake off all the hustle and bustle, all the anger. A short time you spend with yourself all alone. Nothing is important right now. There is only the pleasant warmth and relaxing environment. The heat simultaneously relaxes your muscles, your blood pressure drops – and soon you are completely relaxed.

In the rest periods between sauna sessions, you cool down – and relax. Lie down on a lounger or sit in the whirlpool. Just do what you enjoy most. You might even find time to bury your nose in a book for a bit.

Body and mind

By the way, the fact that stress relief in the sauna works has been proven by many scientists. Many suggest that this is related to the relaxation of muscles. Because if you are often tense in everyday life, the muscles also tense. In the heat, these tensions are then released.

For the body, this is a signal to relax the mind as well. How often you take a sauna is up to you. But it should be regular. Many people enjoy finishing the week with a sauna on Sunday – and starting the working day fresh again. Just give it a try.

Sauna against burnout and depression

Even if you are already suffering from burnout or depression, a sweat bath can be helpful. Choose a sauna with a mood-boosting scent – lemon, for example. Sure, this sounds like a truism. But you’ll notice that little things like this work wonders. The scent hits your brain directly from your nose – and triggers stress relief there. In addition, the mood brightens noticeably.

The effect of scents is further enhanced during infusions. By diluting, you absorb more fragrances. If you’ve never attended an infusion before, don’t worry. Find a sweat lodge with a low temperature. Something like 70 degrees is optimal for starters. Also, as an infusion beginner, sit on one of the lower benches; it’s a little cooler there than on the upper floors.

Tip of the editors

Light can also help you alleviate mild depression. Blue light, for example, has a calming effect. Yellow light, on the other hand, helps you feel fitter. Many spas now offer saunas with such therapy lights. Their positive effect on the body and psyche has already been proven in many studies. Clinics are also now using this technique – even in the sauna.

Stress factors in everyday life

Stress, whether physical or mental, has become a part of our daily lives. Many problems and worries create stress and can lead to health complaints. Some signs can be migraines, indigestion, ulcers, depression or even back pain. Since we can’t really prevent stress, our bodies process it in many ways. We have already described some of them in our magazine.


Stress relief through massages

Stress relief through massages

Very many massages are suitable for relaxation and stress reduction.

Tuina massage is a Chinese massage form that has been tried and tested for 2000 years. It brings the life energy back into flow and harmonizes the complementary poles of Yin and Yan.

Lomi Lomi Nui massage is the stress booster par excellence in the wellness massage sector. This massage form originates from Hawaii and is also called Hawaiian temple massage.

Shiatsu massage is a form of body therapy developed in Japan. Shiatsu is a gentle relaxation massage for stress relief.

Pantai Luar massage is Indonesian and means “on new shores”. In this massage, the masseur uses herbal stamps with essential oils.

Lulur massage is a pampering program for the skin and soul. In Lulur massage, you are massaged with oils and then cleansed with an exfoliating scrub. A wonderful experience that also helps against stress.

Singing Bowl massage. In singing bowl massage, sounds caress your body. It is a very gentle way to increase physical and mental well-being.

Ayurvedic massage is wellness for body, mind and soul. Its application stimulates self-regulating forces and detoxifies the body.

Hot Stone massage. In this form of massage, tensions are relieved with hot stones. Hot volcanic stones are used here.


Buying tip: Sauna fragrances against stress

1. Sauna infusion from AllgäuQuelle

The soothing floral-citric scent of bergamot has a calming and relaxing effect at the same time. The exact origin of bergamot, whether Italy or Spain, is still unclear. However, it is believed that this particular fruit is a cross between lime and bitter orange. In the meantime, bergamot is grown mainly in southern Italy.

AllgäuQuelle® Saunaaufguss mit 100% Bio Öle Erfrischung...

2. BERGBAD Organic Sauna Infusion Lime & Orange

BERGBAD BIO sauna infusion “MORGENHORN” in 100ml variant combines the refreshing notes of lime and orange. Made from organic alcohol, water and 100% natural essential BIO oils, it offers a soothing and refreshing sauna experience. The carefully selected ingredients also have a calming effect that helps to relax the mind and provides deep relaxation during the sauna session.

BERGBAD BIO-Saunaaufguss Limette & Orange 100ml MORGENHORN -...

3. finnsa lavender

Finnsa sauna fragrance concentrate, a treat for the senses, 250 ml high quality sauna fragrance concentrate with natural essential and nature identical oils. Finnsa’s aroma concentrate promotes well-being and brings refreshing freshness to the sauna. Finnsa’s fragrance concentrate turns sauna bathing into a naturally healthy relaxation.

Finnsa Lavendel

4. Sauna infusion in stoneware jug

The first-class infusion concentrates from Sauna Juwel are products specially designed for use in the Finnish sauna. Depending on the scent, an invigorating, relaxing and or refreshing sauna climate unfolds. Only natural essential oils are used for these sauna infusions.

Sauna Aufguss Konzentrat Melisse - 500ml Steingutflasche mit...


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