The influence of sauna on the psyche

Is sauna good for the psyche?

Sauna baths have been used for centuries to relax and unwind. But did you know that sauna baths can also benefit your mental health? In this article, we will look at the psychological effects of sauna baths and how they can improve your overall well-being.

Wise sauna wisdom

There are wise life lessons for many topics and situations in life. These sayings are meant to simplify life or make it more vivid. Wise advice that can be applied at any age and thus forgiven. We’ve gathered some sage wisdom about the sauna for you.

Effective relaxation exercises to reduce stress formation

Relaxation exercises to reduce stress

You can do relaxation exercises almost anywhere. So it doesn’t matter whether they are in bed, in the sauna, in the office or on a desert island in the Caribbean. All of them can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. They help you relieve stress – whenever you need it.

Sauna cleanses the body and relaxes our psyche

What effect does the sauna have on our psyche?

Sauna is more than wellness. It not only cleanses our body, but also relaxes our psyche. But how does the sauna affect the psyche? Many people ask themselves this question. It is clear that the comforting warmth relaxes. But what exactly is the effect of relaxation? We have taken a close look at this question for you. We also tell you how to enhance the positive effects.

Sweat again!

Sweat yourself healthy!

Sauna users get more out of life: Regular sauna visits are healthy. Because it ensures clean skin, has a relaxing effect on our muscles and balances the psyche. But the most important thing is that a visit to the sauna strengthens the body’s defenses.

Recreation for skin, body and soul

How healthy and relaxing sauna is

“The sauna is the poor man’s pharmacy,” as the Finnish proverb goes. To call the sauna a pharmacy or even a holistic form of therapy is by no means an exaggeration. It is good for body and soul and health complaints can be improved. Here, regular visits to the sauna achieve the best effect. The ideal is to visit at least once a week.