Yoga relaxation exercises

Yoga is not only relaxing and calming. These exercises also help against headaches, back pain and also against depression.

Yoga is more than relaxation

Yoga is an ancient philosophy developed in ancient India. It is based on achieving relaxation through absolute body control. Around the beginning of the 20th century, the teaching came to Europe. Here, the focus is no longer so much on philosophy. It is about stretching the body. However, relaxation is not neglected. Because the exercises still bring body, mind, and soul in harmony with each other. In addition to the movements, breathing is important in yoga. It improves concentration and increases relaxation. But what exactly is this philosophy all about?

Yoga – Workout for everyone!

The focus, as I said, is on the movements. At first glance, these are often quite contortions – at second glance, too. But don’t worry. Beginners don’t have to tie knots in their legs, it can be done more easily. The exercises are meant to help the mind let go of the stress of everyday life. To do this, the philosophy uses a very simple trick: it gives the body so much complicated to do that the mind has to concentrate. And this really seems to help. You must not underestimate the importance of breathing in this process. The techniques ensure that your circulation shuts down, and you can relax especially well.

Yoga – getting started for beginners

Many studies have shown that people who do yoga can switch off. You regularly manage to let go of your everyday life. As a result, you are much more relaxed and have only a low risk of developing depression. Learning yoga is a long process. But don’t worry: it’s easy to get started. Most adult education centers and fitness studios offer appropriate courses. Here, professionals guide you through the first exercises and explain their meaning. By the way, because the effectiveness of the philosophy has been so well researched, many health insurance companies reimburse the participation fee. However, it is important that you do not only do the exercises in the course.

Yoga exercises for at home

You also need to contort yourself at home. Allocate a fixed period of time in the evening for your relaxation. For example, always half an hour before sleeping. If you want, you can learn the exercises at home. There are courses available on the Internet. Each step and its meaning is clearly explained to you, and you can easily join in – even as a beginner.

Yoga not only for young people

No matter where you go with this philosophy. You will quickly notice that you go through your life more relaxed. By the way, you can start doing it even at an old age. As a beginner, you will be amazed at how flexible you actually are.


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