The right preparation: How to make the sauna an experience

Tips for optimal use of the home sauna

It’s nice to have your own sauna in your home. The own sauna makes it possible to enjoy relaxation and wellness at any time and without long journeys. But what is the best way to use a home sauna to get all the benefits?

Sauna is a natural help against pollen allergy

Does sauna help against pollen allergy?

No sooner do the first warm rays of sunshine defeat the cold of winter than many people begin to sneeze. The reason: in spring, the plants sprout and with them, pollen buzzes through the air again. Unavoidable, but for more and more people highly unpleasant, because they suffer from pollen allergy.

Relaxation methods against stress

Relaxation methods against stress

Relaxation methods for body and mind. There are very many relaxation techniques that we can use as a balance for professional or private demands. Some of them can be easily integrated into the daily work routine.

Sauna yoga at mild temperatures

Sauna Yoga, a new trend?

Can this be? Should we really be exercising in the sweat room? The answer is a resounding yes. After all, the contortions in the warm are just in the metropolises of these hard hip. And that is no coincidence. We reveal to you everything about gymnastics on wood. Above all, we’ll tell you why it’s so healthy.