Pilates – relaxation method for the body

Pilates is an effective sport developed by Joseph Pilates. This technique increase physical and mental vitality and alleviate any kind of back problems.
Fit and healthy through Pilates

Fit and healthy through Pilates

Pilates is an effective but very gentle training method for the whole body. It also involves the mind in the training. It is named after its inventor, Joseph H. Pilates. The concept is based on the fact that individual muscles or muscle parts are specifically tensed and then relaxed or stretched again. It is not about doing as much as possible.

During training, the quality of execution is important. At the same time, breathing should be done consciously. Pilates mainly trains the center of the body. On the one hand, this improves the mobility of the pelvic floor and the waist. On the other hand, the center of strength is activated and the waist looks slimmer and fitness improves.

Improve body awareness through Pilates

But this is not the main thing. Through the exercises, you will soon change your movement habits and develop a better body feeling. Quite automatically, you will walk more upright. Because of the conscious breathing, this workout is also a recognized relaxation method. You concentrate entirely on yourself, your movements and your breathing during the exercises.

In order to do this, you need to turn off the distracting everyday thoughts. Don’t worry, this happens all by itself. Try standing on one leg, breathing consciously, and thinking about your tax return. You have to let go of one of these things – and your body already knows which one it is.

Video training for at home

The important thing is that you exercise regularly. Fortunately, you don’t need too much space for that. It’s enough if you can lie down and spread your arms. Otherwise, you need a soft mat and you’re ready to go. If you’ve already taken a class, there’s nothing wrong with working out on your own with a video. After all, you already know what’s important.

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Relaxation method for the body

Just give it a try. Pilates trains your body on the one hand. On the other hand, it is a wonderful relaxation method. It is easier to learn than yoga, but just as effective.


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