Sauna Yoga, a new trend?

Can this be? Should we really be exercising in the sweat room? The answer is a resounding yes. After all, the contortions in the warm are just in the metropolises of these hard hip. And that is no coincidence. We reveal to you everything about gymnastics on wood. Above all, we'll tell you why it's so healthy.
Sauna yoga at mild temperatures

Yoga in the sauna at mild temperatures

Probably, when you read the word sauna yoga, you immediately got beads of sweat on your forehead. Sports at 80 (176 °F) degrees room temperature, that can’t be good. And yes, it’s true. Nobody does gymnastics at more than 60 degrees (140 °F). As a rule, exercises are performed at 40 to 50 degrees (104 to 122 °F). Of course, there is no infusion during a workout. After all, you should not overexert yourself. The trend is suitable for anyone who can tolerate mild heat.

So how does a yoga workout in the sauna work?

Sauna yoga trainings probably look like you imagine them. The participants of the course meet in a mild sauna. Ideally, everyone is seated on the floor. The yoga instructor stands slightly elevated and demonstrates the exercises. The participants do the exercises, while the teacher checks if all the movements are done correctly.

What do I need to do yoga in the sauna?

All you need is a water bottle that can withstand high temperatures, but is not made of metal. Also, you should take a small towel, because you will sweat a lot during the exercise. By the way, the exercises are not performed naked. Each participant enters the sauna lightly dressed. Light shorts and a top, preferably without sleeves, are recommended. Before the training, you should not eat anything for one to 1.5 hours and drink a few glasses of water instead. You should remove your make-up to be on the safe side, and also avoid metallic jewelry.

For whom is this yoga training suitable?

Anyone who is healthy may do yoga in the sauna. The training is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. After all, a trained instructor is present at each session to provide assistance to participants. Even 80-year-olds still relax with these exercises in the comforting warmth. However, if you feel nausea or severe exhaustion, you should rather leave the hot room. You should also not avoid eating before exercising in all cases. If you have had a long day at work, a light snack is perfectly acceptable. If you are ill, you should take a short break. Sport in the heat is only OK again when the fever has subsided for at least 24 hours.

What are the health benefits?

Let’s get to the Gretchen question: what does this trend actually do for health? First, the muscles benefit from the healthy movements. A workout consists of both strengthening and stretching movements. Especially people who sit a lot during the day should try sauna yoga. The exercises are an ideal counterbalance to the strain of sitting. By the way, if you exercise regularly, you will also relieve pain in the spine in the long term. Like any yoga workout, this one has an immensely relaxing effect. The exercises decelerate and let you forget the stress of everyday life. That’s why you will also notice that you sleep much deeper after a while.

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