Wise sauna wisdom

There are wise life lessons for many topics and situations in life. These sayings are meant to simplify life or make it more vivid. Wise advice that can be applied at any age and thus forgiven. We've gathered some sage wisdom about the sauna for you.

1. The sauna brings its visitors back to the present

Why do numerous people seek out a sauna? – Because they want to relax, is the standard answer. But no one is concerned with the reason for relaxing in the meditation oasis. Sauna visitors relax in the heat cabin for numerous reasons. One of them, however, lies in enjoying the moment.

Adults represent the opposite of children. They either float in fears of the future or mourn their unchangeable past. Children, on the other hand, live in the now. That is why they rarely suffer from depression, compared to adults. Those who learn this ability from children are among the most contented personalities. Thus, happy and frugal are those who walk mindfully through everyday life.

But, in what way does a sauna contribute to the realization of the moment? – Regular sauna visits help to return to the present and not to waste thoughts on existential or other fears. The intense warmth “forces” the visitors to put themselves in the present moment. The moment of silence, which does not allow cell phones or conversation, also brings sauna-goers back to the present. In today’s fast-paced, information-based world, few places exist that allow the mind to quiet down like a sauna.

2. Short, silent minutes in the sauna produce big, loud results

Babies grow while they sleep. In adults, in turn, the body regenerates through relaxation. The mind also draws new strength from silence: “There is power in silence,” goes a well-known saying. That’s why the sauna acts as an ideal source of strength. It helps its visitors to gain physical and mental strength. Great scientists revealed the secret of their ideas: They were born in moments of solitude, relaxation and silence. Successful people regularly retreat to look for ideas for upcoming projects. They don’t do this while taking a sauna or meditating, but afterward. During the rest period, the brain has sorted out its thoughts and is more capable of developing new approaches to solving problems.

3. Who wants to exist in the working world should visit a sauna

Employees, students and pupils achieve success in the long run only if they allow themselves moments of idleness. This does not mean that they do not pursue their activity, but look for a balance between their work and their rest breaks. A sauna is an excellent place for relaxation, it provides a balance between work and rest.

4. Sauna serves as a natural pharmacy for the body

Health is one of the highest goods of a human being. It is priceless. Therefore, those who want to maintain it or recover from an illness should regularly visit a sauna. This strengthens the soul, because it allows its visitors moments of tranquility. The body is strengthened by the high temperatures of the sauna. Metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated. The heat also strengthens the immune system. This makes the organism less susceptible to infectious diseases. This is especially true for the cold season that comes in autumn and winter.

5. Sauna makes beautiful

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? – In relation to the sauna, this proverb does not apply at all. Instead, sauna visitors associate a beauty ritual with a high wellness factor. Because regular visits to the sauna help the skin achieve a healthy appearance. The high temperatures supply the skin with moisture and stimulate the circulation of the blood vessels. As a result, it not only looks plumper and firmer, but also benefits from a natural, gentle facelift. Furthermore, regular saunas have a positive effect on skin eczema. The heat alleviates these and the associated itching. Thus, sauna-goers who polish up their beauty do not suffer at all. Instead, they enjoy the soothing beauty ritual.

6. Sauna promotes gratitude

What is the secret of successful, satisfied people? – The answer is: in their gratitude. It comes before diligence and discipline. Grateful people are satisfied, which means that their positive mindset supports them in all their endeavors. Sauna serves as an ideal place to practice gratitude. Both the heat and the classic fragrance activate the human brain in a positive sense. In addition, the heat cabin proves to its visitors how well they are doing as long as they allow themselves this “little luxury” along with the “big wellness factor”.

7. Fight disturbing feelings – more happily by the everyday life step

Envy, resentment, hatred and anger are among the disturbing feelings of a person. They do not trigger positive effects, in those who harbor them. Instead, they consume envious, grudging, angry and hateful people from within and give them diseases in the long run. Regular visits to the sauna counteract not only the development, but also the fight against disturbing feelings. This is due to the meditative nature of the heat cabin. Sauna visitors feel happier, fresher and more satisfied after a stay in the heat cabin. Therefore, in this way they combat the aforementioned disturbing feelings that lie dormant deep inside a person. However, they are expressed only in those who cultivate them. Sauna helps to achieve inner peace.

8. Sauna time is quality time

Every person should spend a little time with himself during the day in order to harmonize with the outside world. Those who disregard this recommendation suffer burnout or even depression, as they face a permanent sensory overload. Therefore, it is worth combining sauna visits with a conscious time-out.

9. Sauna detoxifies body and mind

Once upon a time, fasting served to detoxify the body and mind. Meanwhile, the number of people who practice it has decreased. But there are numerous reasons for detoxifying the body and mind. Sauna activates both processes. The heat transports toxins to the surface of the skin, effectively eliminating them. The mind, on the other hand, enjoys a detox from toxic thoughts and fellow human beings as it quiets down during this time out.

10. Sauna brings respect to life

The term respect comes from Latin and stands for consideration. It represents feelings of respect and appreciation towards a person, institution or object. Respect is reflected in certain ways of acting. People receive respect from those around them because of their character traits or actions. Respect can be shown to another person as well as shown by others. As a rule, building respect takes a certain amount of time. A polite tone is also part of respectful interaction in a society.

But what does a sauna have to do with respect? – The answer is: quite a lot. In the sauna, everyone present behaves respectfully toward the room and toward the other guests. No visitor gets too close to another, but keeps the necessary distance so that everyone feels comfortable. No one engages in loud conversations that disturb the peace of the other attendees. No stupid, derogatory or disrespectful remarks are made about the appearance of sauna guests. Respecting fellow human beings and not acting arrogantly towards them is a trait that goes back to mentally strong individuals.

Respectful personalities can lose many things, but by no means their face – regular visits to the sauna help to develop the virtue of deference and integrate it into everyday life. Those who manage to do this achieve more success in their personal and professional lives. And regular sauna visits are suitable for this purpose, because this warm room does not allow disrespectful behavior.

11. Sauna promotes conscious breathing

Beginners and advanced users notice one thing as soon as they enter a sauna: The focus of their thoughts abruptly lands on their breathing. Not only during the entry into the heat cabin, but also during the stay, the breathing rhythm is the center of attention. Of course, every visitor’s thoughts wander now and then, but they return to conscious breathing.

What is this breathing training in the sauna good for? – For everyday life, for prevention of diseases and for training a calm mind in dicey situations. People who practice calm breathing, inhale and exhale deeply in stressful situations of life, prevent great mischief. This is because those who start breathing faster when problems arise not only speed up their heartbeat, but also unnecessarily increase their blood pressure and blood sugar. In the long run, this leads to cardiac arrhythmias, high blood pressure and type two diabetes.

That’s why regular breathing exercises pay off in many ways – first and foremost for your own well-being. Sauna-goers consciously or unconsciously train their breathing and thus go through everyday life in a more relaxed manner. They are also less susceptible to stress-related illnesses. Because they do not neglect the essence of life – breathing – at all.

12. Sauna increases the ability to concentrate

Why do regular sauna visits increase the ability to concentrate? – Because the heat cabin allows visitors to exercise focused concentration. Due to the dominance of media in everyday life, the concentration span of adults, teenagers and children alike is decreasing. However, all age groups have the opportunity to gradually extend it. Furthermore, this is not a secret formula, but merely exercise.

However, how does the sauna help in terms of increasing concentration? – By removing the possibility of distraction from the guests. The biggest advantage of the sauna, compared to a restaurant, is the impossibility of using an electronic device. The biggest distraction factor – the smartphone – of today is eliminated thanks to the temperatures. Moreover, the wellness oasis serves as a place of silence: conversations are undesirable. Therefore, visitors have no choice but to go into themselves, be silent and focus on resting. However, such rests have a positive effect on memory and related concentration in many ways.

13. Sauna increases self-esteem and self-confidence

Sauna-goers increase their self-confidence and self-esteem by visiting a public facility or even their private sauna at least once a week. This is partly due to the fact that in the sauna, unless it is a textile sauna, no clothes are worn. Sitting in a small room unclothed with strangers increases self-confidence. This represents confidence in oneself.

Sauna visitors thus dare to do more – such as engaging in an unusual activity. This may be playing a less popular musical instrument. Unconsciously and after a longer period of time, sauna increases not only self-confidence, but also self-esteem. The term stands for the knowledge of one’s own abilities and inner strength. Because sauna guests during relaxation, focus only on themselves for at least ten minutes, they build their inner strength. However, this transformation process requires patience and the will to visit a sauna regularly.


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