Sweat yourself healthy!

Sauna users get more out of life: Regular sauna visits are healthy. Because it ensures clean skin, has a relaxing effect on our muscles and balances the psyche. But the most important thing is that a visit to the sauna strengthens the body's defenses.
Sweat again!

Sweat again!

Sweat yourself healthy. We already mentioned that a sauna bath has many positive effects on the body. You can even sweat yourself really healthy. If you regularly relax in the pleasant warmth, you will soon notice that you feel pretty good. And this is no imagination. Scientists in Scandinavia in particular have long been concerned with the healthy properties of the sauna bath. Let us show you what they are in detail.

Sweating for health

The greatest benefit of healthy sweating is for the circulatory system. It is properly exercised by the alternation between heat and cold. While you sweat, your blood vessels dilate and your blood pressure slows down noticeably. This is also a good thing. Your body now has time to relax. When you cool down after the sauna, the vessels contract again and the blood flows faster through the veins. You immediately feel fitter and more alert. If you sauna regularly, the circulatory system is trained and the risk of suffering from high blood pressure decreases.

Training for the body

The alternation between heat and cold also boosts the metabolism. This is not only healthy, but can also help you lose weight. The workout enables the body to eliminate more harmful substances.

Sweating away everyday ailments

The sauna also helps you get rid of everyday ailments. Many of us are plagued by aches and pains, such as back pain or aching joints. Tense muscles are often to blame. Heat works wonders against these tensions. For once, you can really relax. The heat loosens the muscles. Even the first time, everyday aches and pains will decrease significantly. If you sauna regularly, you will not come back at all. To achieve this effect, it should be already one sauna session per week.

Bacteria and viruses

Even your respiratory tract will thank you for the sweat bath. In order to cool down the air, they have to produce fluid. And this fluid does not disappear immediately after the sauna bath, but remains. It wraps itself around the respiratory tract like a moist protective shield and keeps viruses and bacteria at bay. The moist air you breathe in during a sauna session has a similar effect – especially after an infusion. The water crystals simply wash away pathogens and additionally ensure that the protective shield is maintained.

Systematically building up your immune system

Perfect for your health is the training your immune system receives when you take a sauna. Again, the alternation between heat and cold works first. Our body often runs on a low flame in everyday life. It is pleasantly warm all day long – even in winter. On a sauna day, you really challenge your organism.

It is hot in the sauna. Once it has adjusted to this, it’s time to go outside and take a cold shower. During the rest breaks, the body has time to recover from these efforts. If you go out regularly to sweat, your immune system will soon be trained – and your defenses will not give the common cold a chance.

Time for YOU!

But a sauna bath can do a lot for more than just your physical health. Your psyche will also thank you for the relaxation in the pleasant warmth. On the wooden benches, your soul has time to dangle. No stress, no hectic, no pending tasks. Just you, the relaxing environment and the heat. In the sauna, you can press the reset button.

Just one visit is enough, and you’ll tackle your tasks with renewed vigor. If you make a sauna day a ritual, you’ll soon be much more relaxed about your everyday life. By the way, the risk of depression or burn-out decreases. Just by the nature, therapy in the heat.

Tip of the editorship

Even against premature skin aging, the sweat bath helps. In the heat, the pores widen and the sweat flushes out excess sebum. This reduces the risk of wrinkles. By the way, due to the widened pores, creams, and peelings can work much better than in the bathroom at home. Give it a try.


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