The power of relaxation

The sauna: the path to inner peace and serenity

The sauna is much more than just a place to sweat. It is a special place where body and soul come into harmony. In Germany, around 25 million people go to the sauna every year, which corresponds to almost a third of the population. Sauna visits are particularly popular among 25 to 44-year-olds, with men and women enjoying the benefits of the sauna equally.

The positive effects of the sauna

Healthy through the winter: Practical tips for body and soul

During the cold season, our health and well-being are particularly challenged. So how can we best prepare for winter to stay fit and vital? In addition to proven methods such as sauna sessions and alternating showers, there are other measures that can support us. But what are they and how can we best integrate them into our daily lives?

Completely relaxed sweating

Sauna can be so relaxing

According to the “Deutscher Sauna-Bund e. V.” (German Sauna Association), around 30 million Germans now regularly go to the sauna. Sweating not only supports the immune system, but also the soul. We explain why taking a sauna can be so relaxing.

Healthy through the autumn

The right autumn program for body, mind and soul

The leaves on the trees are turning orange and brown, the nights are getting longer and the days shorter. Autumn is here. It’s getting chilly outside and we humans are curling up in our cozy living rooms. There’s a lot of beauty in that, too, even though it may be hard to say goodbye to the balmy summer nights.

What effects does the sauna have on our body?

How the sauna affects the organism

One of the most important health benefits of sauna is the strengthening of the body’s defenses. By reducing the risk of infection, the sauna effect makes the immune system far less susceptible to illnesses such as colds and similar respiratory diseases. And the beauty of it is, the more often, and consistently you enjoy the benefits of the sauna, the stronger the hardening effect becomes.

A visit to the sauna is so healthy

Sauna for health

If you sauna properly and wisely, you will get many benefits from sweating in the sauna cabin. The cardiovascular system gets going, the skin’s appearance and the body’s own defenses improve, muscles relax and the psyche is brightened.

Regular sauna sessions keep you fit and healthy

Sauna: Sweat yourself fit

For humans, sweating is essential to life. It has about 2 million sweat glands and can therefore sweat much more than any other mammal. Sweating can be annoying in some situations, but it keeps our body’s temperature in balance and helps us stay fit and healthy.

Sweat again!

Sweat yourself healthy!

Sauna users get more out of life: Regular sauna visits are healthy. Because it ensures clean skin, has a relaxing effect on our muscles and balances the psyche. But the most important thing is that a visit to the sauna strengthens the body’s defenses.

How a sauna session affects health

Health aspects for a visit to the sauna

A regular and continuous visit to the sauna leads to an improvement in our health and well-being. Because who sauna, uses an effective natural therapy. Numerous everyday health problems and physical ailments can be prevented or alleviated by regular sauna use.

Fit for the cold season? Strengthen immune system with sauna and vitamins

Cold and sniffles season – time for vitamin C and sauna

Regular sauna sessions train the vascular system and the stimulus between heat and cold provides a perfect immune defense. This way, colds and flus don’t stand a chance. The mucous membranes are better supplied with blood through the sauna session and the organism can better eliminate harmful substances, but also harmful germs. These health benefits for the prevention of colds apply to all types of saunas.

This is how you sweat yourself healthy!

Sauna booster for the circulation

A visit to the sauna is really good for the circulation. If you do it regularly, you can even relieve your high blood pressure – and a lot more. Then why not combine the pleasant with the useful.