Sauna is so healthy in winter

Sweating is healthy if you do it right. The regular sweating cure has a positive effect on the immune system, skin and respiratory system.
Regular sauna strengthens the circulation and the immune system

Regular saunas strengthen the circulation and the immune system

Outside, the snow is quietly trickling, and ice flowers are forming on the windows. Taking a sauna in winter is simply wonderful. Escape the cold and simply enjoy the warmth for a few hours. Sure, sauna may be healthy and relaxing in summer. In winter, the hot pleasure is a delight. But is it also healthier than usual? We got to the bottom of this question for you. And we have some interesting answers.

In winter, you’re probably surrounded by lots of colleagues with colds. The snotty noses turn the office into a veritable viral hotbed. It’s almost impossible not to catch it. Unless you regularly enjoy the pleasant warmth of your favorite bath. That’s because it gets your defenses going mightily.

It works like this: The heat tricks your body. It assumes that it is suffering from a fever. And that must have a reason. So the organism starts to produce so-called interferon. The body’s own defense substances can be stored. So your immune system is protected from the nasty viruses of your colleagues for a while.

The advantages of winter sauna bathing

Sauna bathing has even more positive effects on your immune system. You train your immune system by alternating between heat and cold. This is where the immersion bath plays an important role. This stark difference in temperature really gets your immune system going – and it develops powers that spare you from colds. Be careful not to overtax your heart; a sauna session should last no longer than 8 to 15 minutes.

Relaxation against the winter blues

The soul also benefits from sauna visits. In the dark season, many become melancholy. The lack of light is to blame. The body therefore produces fewer happiness hormones than in summer. But you don’t have to book a flight to the Caribbean now. A sauna is just as healthy for your mind.

You take a few hours for yourself, treat yourself to some time out. In new German, we call it “quality time”. Your well-being will be enhanced in no time. In addition, most saunas are bathed in warm light, pay attention to that. This light has about the same effect on you as sunlight. You just don’t notice it. And without you noticing it, your organism is releasing happiness hormones.

And when you come out of the sweat bath, the winter blues are blown away. You see things in a more positive light – and can even enjoy the cold season a little.

Into the sauna against the cold

It’s cold in winter, sure. But that’s not the only reason many of us freeze. Some simply have poor circulation – and are less able to retain heat. An extensive sweating session in the sauna can help with this, too. Because blood circulation is strengthened by the alternation between heat and cold. So if you sweat regularly, you’ll feel less cold.

How to take a sauna properly

The sauna is really healthy if you take your time. Sure, even a short visit can help. But it is not really relaxing. So go for it – and don’t make any plans for afterward. But as a practiced sauna-goer, you surely already know.

A sauna session should last about fifteen minutes, and you should do about three passes. And don’t forget to rest after you cool down. Grab a good book and then head for the deck chair. The stress of the office will quickly become a minor matter.

And if you want, you might even take your favorite person with you. What could be better than a few romantic hours with your loved one? And afterward you’ll both be wonderfully relaxed.

What else does the sauna do for your health?

But there are also a few positive effects that are not limited to winter. For example, sweating really gets your metabolism going. In addition, the change between heat and cold is a workout for your blood vessels. They dilate and contract, making them more elastic. In the long run, this prevents dangerous high blood pressure.

In short, taking a sauna is always healthy. But in the cold season it is even a bit more beautiful than usual – and also healthier.


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