Health benefits of sauna bathing

The comprehensive guide to safe saunas: When and how?

Saunas have played an important role in various cultures for centuries. They not only offer relaxation, but also numerous health benefits. However, a considered and responsible approach to saunas is essential in order to take full advantage of these benefits and avoid possible risks.

Completely relaxed sweating

Sauna can be so relaxing

According to the “Deutscher Sauna-Bund e. V.” (German Sauna Association), around 30 million Germans now regularly go to the sauna. Sweating not only supports the immune system, but also the soul. We explain why taking a sauna can be so relaxing.

How does cystitis develop?

Cystitis and sauna: what you should know

Bladder infections are unpleasant and painful diseases caused by bacteria. It’s understandable that in this situation you want to do everything you can to kill the bacteria and speed up healing. One option that is often recommended is going to the sauna. But is a visit to the sauna really recommended for cystitis?

Is a visit to the sauna inappropriate when you have a cough?

Is taking a sauna a good idea if you have a cough?

A visit to the sauna is for many just the right thing to switch off and regenerate. However, many wonder if it is advisable to do this when you have an acute cough. In this article we want to explore the question of whether it is advisable to go to the sauna when you have a cough, and if not, what are the alternatives.

Sauna for cough... recommendable or rather leave it alone?

Sauna for cough?

Cough is agonizing. Sometimes it comes alone in the form of bronchitis, sometimes as a concomitant of a cold. But it is always the patients who suffer. Finally, the cough reflex strains many muscles. As a result, tension occurs. A visit to the sauna would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?

Sauna with cold - to recommend or better avoid?

With a cold in the sauna?

Wintertime is also cold and sniffles season. But can I go to the sauna with a cold? We clarify and have a few tips for healing ready.

Are infrared cabins harmful to health?

What dangers lurk in an infrared cabin?

Infrared lamps have been used in therapy for a long time. The infrared cabins, on the other hand, are still relatively new. For this reason, many prospective customers ask themselves: How healthy is an infrared cabin? Is an infrared cabin safe? What are infrared radiators? How do infrared radiators affect the body? We have taken a close look at these questions and explain the most important details in this article.