Sauna can be so relaxing

According to the "Deutscher Sauna-Bund e. V." (German Sauna Association), around 30 million Germans now regularly go to the sauna. Sweating not only supports the immune system, but also the soul. We explain why taking a sauna can be so relaxing.
Completely relaxed sweating

Relaxed sweating

After a long day at the office, a hard work-out or a freezing winter walk, all you want to do is relax and unwind. There’s almost nothing better than lying back on the benches of a sauna, closing your eyes and enjoying the warmth. Sauna is good for the mind, health, and body and can lead to optimal relaxation in so many ways.

Sauna for the muscles

Sweating regularly in the sauna can relax hardened muscles, as well as serve to regenerate them after a hard workout. The increased ambient temperature stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, opening cells and pores. In this way, the muscles can also be better supplied with blood and minerals and thus regenerate quickly after a workout. Conversely, this is even beneficial for muscle building, as only healthy and well-supplied muscles can grow.

Even non-athletes benefit from the sauna

In addition, the sauna is also helpful for non-athletes, because it can relieve tension and muscle pain. The main cause of tension is too stiff and tense posture. This can be caused by cold, drafts, a wrong posture at the desk, bad habits or a wrong movement. The warmth, quietness, and twilight of the sauna allow people to completely relax and let their muscles loosen up. In addition, the heat expands muscle cells, releasing stiffness and allowing the muscle to move back into proper position.

Sauna for the immune system

In addition to the muscles, a regular trip to the sauna can also be good for your overall health. The extreme heat in saunas raises the body’s core temperature by up to 2° Celsius. This is similar to the body’s reaction to a fever. As a result, the body gets used to temperature fluctuations for the first time and learns to deal with them better. In addition, the mucous membranes are stimulated and body cells are opened and activated. In this way, the body can eliminate toxins and build up its own defenses. This strengthens us and prepares the body for the next cold or flu.

Sauna for the skin

Sauna makes beautiful! Especially by combining sauna sessions with ice baths, you stimulate cell renewal. This allows the skin to be replaced more quickly, and in this way it stays young. In addition, the blood supply to the tissue is very strong, which makes it firmer. This ensures firm arms and legs and youthfully smooth skin.

Sauna for the head

Lastly, all people should also think about their psychological well-being and satisfaction. Often, everyday life overtakes you so much that there is no time at all to think about yourself. Sometimes you even forget that you are under stress or are very absent in thought. In the long run, however, stress can be reflected in a feeling of tiredness, sadness, aggression, lack of sleep or even weight gain. Therefore, it is very important to be balanced and content.

Sauna provides relaxation and calmness

Sauna helps in several ways. First, it provides relaxed muscles and a physical well-being. In addition, during the infusion, it forces you to be completely calm, while you can only think about yourself and your day.

Sauna activates happiness hormones

Last but not least, the high temperature and heavy sweating ensure that the cardiovascular system is boosted and endorphins are released. Endorphins are our happiness hormones. They provide satisfaction and are very important for a healthy psyche.


Through regular sauna sessions, you can do something good for your body and your health, while you yourself totally switch off and forget the worries of everyday life.


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