Cough is agonizing. Sometimes it comes alone in the form of bronchitis, sometimes as a concomitant of a cold. But it is always the patients who suffer. Finally, the cough reflex strains many muscles. As a result, tension occurs. A visit to the sauna would be a good idea, wouldn't it?
Sauna for cough... recommendable or rather leave it alone?

Sauna for cough… recommendable or rather leave it alone?

We will clarify whether this is the case in this article. But one thing can already be said: There is no simple answer to the question. It always depends on what type of cough it is.

What actually is cough?

With cough, the body always wants to get rid of harmful substances that affect the airways have settled on the respiratory tract. The reflex itself is triggered by the brain. It is an explosive blast designed to catapult the pollutants outside. In many cases, this also succeeds, at least partially. Namely, when mucus is coughed up. But the reflex can also come to nothing. In this case, physicians speak of a dry, irritating cough. There are foreign bodies on the fine hairs of the bronchial tubes, but the body does not yet manage to get rid of them. This is especially the case if the respiratory tract has become inflamed as part of a cold.

Relief for inflammation

If the respiratory tract is inflamed, a visit to the sauna may well provide relief. Finally, heat and water vapor pass through the nose directly to the respiratory tract. There they immediately provide relaxation. After all, here, too, are a lot of muscles that cramp during coughing disease. The comforting warmth gives them a moment’s peace. The patient has a moment to take a breath.

If it is a dry irritating cough, the sauna has an additional positive effect: the production of mucus is stimulated by the heat. This additionally soothes the irritation of the cough and makes it easier to cough up after the sauna visit.

Asthmatics also benefit

Also people who suffer from asthma should venture into the sweat lodges from time to time. To understand why, we need to clarify what asthma actually is: a chronic disease of the respiratory tract. It is manifested not only by an irritating cough, but also by chest pain, shortness of breath and shortness of breath. The cause of these complaints is mostly cramped muscles in the airways. And this is where the cozy warmth comes into play. In fact, it ensures that the muscles relax. This not only relieves the irritation of the cough, but also the other discomforts.

Everything with measure

However, those who suffer from cough should not sit in the hottest sweat lodge. The body is weakened. After all, he’s fighting a pathogen right now. In addition, the irritation of coughing in itself stresses him. Therefore, you should choose a sauna in which the thermometer does not climb above 70 degrees. This is warm enough to benefit from the positive effects of heat. At the same time, the organism is not overloaded here. You should also make sure that you choose a sauna with high humidity. The water bound in the air cleanses the respiratory tract. In this respect, a visit to a gentle infusion may also be advisable.

If in doubt, better stay outside

If you also have a cold with fever you should initially refrain from visiting the sauna. In his case, the heat would be too great a burden on the body. Also, if the cough is accompanied by severe pain and general fatigue, the sauna bath is taboo. Wait until all accompanying symptoms have subsided. When the time comes, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing sweat session.

But you do not have to completely abandon the soothing warmth. There is nothing to be said against a hot bath in the tub at home. Also here unfold pleasantly warm vapors, which are able to relax the respiratory tract.


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