Sauna for cough... recommendable or rather leave it alone?

Sauna for cough?

Cough is agonizing. Sometimes it comes alone in the form of bronchitis, sometimes as a concomitant of a cold. But it is always the patients who suffer. Finally, the cough reflex strains many muscles. As a result, tension occurs. A visit to the sauna would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?

Why a circulatory collapse is not always harmless

First aid for circulatory collapse in the sauna

Sauna visits act as true wellness rituals. They always enjoy increasing popularity. Furthermore, more and more people are creating a private sauna. This trend is due to the positive effects of the heat cabin in terms of physical and mental health.

For whom is the sauna not suitable?

When should you not go to the sauna?

There is no special group of people who should definitely not go to the sauna. However, some people would take a risk in doing so. The following text explains who exactly this is and who in any case should not take a sauna bath.