When should you not go to the sauna?

There is no special group of people who should definitely not go to the sauna. However, some people would take a risk in doing so. The following text explains who exactly this is and who in any case should not take a sauna bath.
For whom is the sauna not suitable?

For whom is the sauna not suitable?

When should you not go to the sauna? In the case of a mild cold, there is nothing to be said against a visit to the sauna. However, the person concerned should be accustomed to such stress. In such a case, sweating even has a positive effect. However, a sauna session should not last longer than 12 to 15 minutes. On the other hand, anyone who has never visited a wellness center should wait until the cold has completely subsided. This is especially true if you are currently taking antibiotics. In the case of the following illnesses, you should not consider visiting the sauna under any circumstances.

1. Acute flu and bacterial infection

A bacterial infection manifests itself, for example, by fever, exhaustion and pain in the throat, head and limbs. Anyone who notices such symptoms should refrain from visiting the sauna. This is because the heat would cause the body temperature to rise even further. This means stress for the organism and would also mean that the complaints would worsen even more and there would be a health risk that cannot be neglected.

2. Vertigo

Those who suffer from severe dizziness after getting up in the morning or even after sitting for a long time should refrain from going to the sauna. This is because their circulation may not respond appropriately to the rapidly changing temperatures. As a result, a sauna visit could result in further attacks of dizziness.

3. Acute asthma problem

Taking a sauna can have a positive effect on the health of an asthmatic. Because by the warm air, the bronchial musculature relaxes. However, the situation is different if acute asthma is present. In this case, breathing is severely restricted and the heat would further aggravate the problem.

4. Kidney disease

The kidney is a very sensitive organ, which sometimes reacts extremely sensitively to changes. A visit to the sauna does not necessarily harm it. The kidney must always be supplied with sufficient moisture. Therefore, we should always drink enough water during a sauna session. This is especially true for people who already have mild kidney damage. This is because the high fluid loss also reduces the blood volume. This means that the body is supplied more slowly with all the important nutrients. Those who then do not drink enough can unknowingly promote the formation of kidney stones. These can be very painful and in some cases even have to be surgically removed.

5. Heart attack patient or cardiac insufficiency

A slightly too high blood pressure does not exclude a visit to the sauna in principle. The so-called diastolic value can even decrease under certain circumstances. However, anyone who has already had a heart attack or suffers from a cardiac arrhythmia and is therefore taking vasodilator medication should refrain from taking a sauna.

6. Rheumatism

Rhema is an inflammation of the joints, which can occur in different parts of the body. In many cases, it even affects both halves of the body and can severely limit the life of patients. Anyone suffering from severe rheumatism should avoid saunas if possible. This would put his body under further stress. However, there are also regular inflammation-free phases with this disease. In these phases, there is nothing to be said against a visit to the sauna. However, those affected should talk to their family doctor beforehand.

7. Inflammation of the internal organs and blood vessels

Inflammations of any kind are not compatible with the heat in a sauna. This is because the immune system is very weakened in such a phase. Therefore, it needs full power to fight the inflammatory foci. In a sauna, the body has to work harder to regulate the body temperature. Anyone who enters it with an inflammation of the internal organs or blood vessels would be putting it under unnecessary stress. Under certain circumstances, the complaints could even be aggravated.

Conclusion of the editorship

In order to enjoy an undisturbed sauna experience, we should only enter the wellness center when we are healthy. Because the illnesses described above can possibly be aggravated by the heat.

In case of doubt or acute complaints, talk to your doctor beforehand.


Isalie Graf