Can you go to the hammam with asthma?

It is well known that the Turkish hammam has a medicinal effect on the human body. Heat and humidity based therapies with steam baths or hammams have a seemingly effective effect and have been used as therapy by various cultures for hundreds of years.
Is a visit to the hamam also suitable for asthmatics?

Is a visit to the hammam also suitable for asthmatics?

Since ancient times, the healing and health-promoting effects of a hot bath have been known. For some people it is a means of achieving a state of mental and physical balance. When used regularly, it helps us better cope with the effects of stress, illness, extreme temperatures and other environmental stresses. In addition, the hammam has a positive effect on muscle pain, rheumatism, muscle tension and anxiety. Considering all these benefits, you may wonder if you can visit the Turkish hammam even if you suffer from asthma. But everything in order…

What is a hammam?

hammam comes from an Arabic-Turkish word meaning “hot bath”. Originally, it was a Turkish bath with an oven. In a broader sense, hammam refers to oriental steam baths (Turkish baths). The hammam is the successor of the Roman bath. It usually consists of three or four areas.

One of them is at room temperature, the next one is hotter and so on. You can move from one room to another in turn, and rotation is also possible: for example, you can move from a moderately warm and humid room e.g. 37 °C (98,6 °F) to a very hot room over 40 °C (104 °F).

The hammam is also the name for the facility where these baths are taken. In the hammam, the steam can be additionally flavored with essential oils such as eucalyptus.

What are the medical effects of Turkish hammam bathing?

  • It delays skin aging and provides a fresh and healthy glow.
  • Steam removes and cleanses the surface of the skin, resulting in a radiant complexion.
  • Steam improves blood circulation and increases oxygen supply to the cells.
  • Steam baths are very effective in eliminating fat deposits and toxicological deposits in the body.
  • Improves blood circulation and stimulates blood flow in the skin.
  • Increases metabolic activity (metabolic process).
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Supports the purification of the lymphatic system.
  • Reduces stress and provides complete relaxation and rest.
  • Opens the blockages caused by colds and allergies.
  • Reduces muscle tension and muscle pain.

But what about the respiratory system and asthma?

The hot and humid steam bath of the hammam is known for its medicinal effects. Even for asthmatics, a visit to the hammam is a real gift. The steam clears not only the sinuses, but also the respiratory tract. In addition, various essential oils are used in the hammam . Therapy with eucalyptus oil is particularly suitable for asthmatics. This medicinal herb has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. They are known to clear the airways and bronchial tubes. The mixture of steam, heat and eucalyptus makes hamam treatments especially beneficial for asthmatics.

Some recommendations before and during a hamam session

Despite the many benefits that a hammam visit can bring, we still ask you to consider the following advice.

  • The hammam may cause a feeling of suffocation during the first few minutes. Asthmatics are familiar with this choking feeling, which can cause anxiety and an asthma attack.
  • If you experience a choking sensation, which is common in the first few minutes of a hammam session, we ask that you relax and take time to breathe deeply.
  • If breathing difficulties persist, you should leave the hammam to avoid a critical situation.
  • Some hammams offer rooms with variable temperature. Choose this type of hammam. It is possible to acclimatize in the cooler rooms.

You should always ask your doctor for medical advice. Your doctor can best advise you on whether you should visit a hammam given your current health condition and the temperatures in the facility.

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