Cold and sniffles season – time for vitamin C and sauna

Regular sauna sessions train the vascular system and the stimulus between heat and cold provides a perfect immune defense. This way, colds and flus don't stand a chance. The mucous membranes are better supplied with blood through the sauna session and the organism can better eliminate harmful substances, but also harmful germs. These health benefits for the prevention of colds apply to all types of saunas.
Fit for the cold season? Strengthen immune system with sauna and vitamins

Fit for the cold season? Strengthening the immune system with sauna and vitamins

So although the 194 °F sauna is particularly recommended for moderate cardiovascular training and for boosting the body’s defenses, the effect also occurs when the bio-sauna or infrared cabin is used. For prophylaxis against colds caused by banal infections, it is optimal to sauna regularly, preferably once or twice a week. However, according to current knowledge, going to the sauna too often does not have any additional effects on the immune system. It is therefore rather counterproductive to overdo it with sauna visits.

Making the body’s immune system fit against disease-causing viruses and bacteria

It goes without saying that you should not visit the sauna if you already have a flu-like infection. Because then the sauna heat could quickly overtax the body and even worsen the clinical picture. In a holistic overall concept to support the body’s defenses during the cold season, the sauna is a very important element, but not the only one.

Immune system: healthy and conscious eating

Moderate exercise in the fresh air, a healthy and balanced diet, and largely avoiding stimulants such as alcohol and nicotine also help to support the body’s defenses. In the case of an unbalanced diet or increased requirements, for example in the cold season to prevent colds, nutritional supplements can also be useful. One of the most important vitamins for prophylaxis against colds or rhinitis is ascorbic acid, vitamin C.

Dietary supplementation with ascorbic acid for the prevention of cold and common cold

This important vitamin plays an essential role in cell metabolism, protects the body’s cells from harmful free radicals, and builds immune protection. It therefore makes perfect sense to combine regular sauna visits with a continuous intake of vitamin C. Even though there are hardly any real deficiency symptoms today, an additional supply of vitamin C can still be helpful in optimizing the functions of the body’s own defense system. An overdose of the vitamin is practically impossible, because too large quantities are simply excreted again through the urine.

Noticeably reduce your own susceptibility to colds

When supplying the organism with ascorbic acid, natural sources from food should be preferred. Spinach, cabbage, rose hips, sea buck thorn or oranges naturally contain a lot of ascorbic acid. However, it is not always possible to cover the increased need for vitamin C during the cold season through diet alone.

Increased doses of the vitamin can therefore also be supplied as a dietary supplement, for example in the form of rose hip powder or vitamin C effervescent tablets. Naturopathic therapists also offer high-dose vitamin C infusions, which are particularly effective in stimulating the body’s own defenses. With the help of special dietary supplements or infusions, doses can be achieved that would not be possible through the daily diet.


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