Sauna for health

If you sauna properly and wisely, you will get many benefits from sweating in the sauna cabin. The cardiovascular system gets going, the skin's appearance and the body's own defenses improve, muscles relax and the psyche is brightened.
A visit to the sauna is so healthy

So healthy is a visit to the sauna

Sauna for health. Regular sauna sessions not only have a positive effect on the immune system, fitness and general well-being. From a naturopathic point of view, the entire organism is cleansed and purified. Circulation, skin condition and psyche also benefit from a regular stay in the sauna.

The body’s own defenses are trained

Sweating removes toxins from the connective tissue, strengthens the body’s defenses and slows skin aging. But these are of course by no means all the benefits that can be associated with regular saunas. Through the sauna, the body experiences a useful heat-cold stimulus and adapts more and more to these conditions through improved conditions.

Positive effects on health can be seen, for example, in the fact that sauna users suffer far less from banal colds during the course of the year. Many also appreciate the sauna for its positive effect on our psyche. Because regular visits to the sauna certainly brighten our mood.

Positive effects on the body’s defenses, circulation and well-being

Taking a sauna means pure relaxation, a positive influence on the cardiovascular system, sustained strengthening of the body’s defenses, improved and deep breathing, and thus a more effective oxygen supply to muscles and body cells. To do something for your health with the help of sauna, it is never too late to start. If you are thinking of taking a sauna for the first time, you should take it slowly at first, not spend too long in the sauna cabin and limit the number of sauna sessions to a maximum of three.

The effect of sauna bathing on the skin

If there are known health restrictions, the doctor should be asked for advice before the first sauna session. Sauna users consistently report that symptoms such as mood swings, headaches or sleep disorders gradually subside or disappear altogether. Thus, various positive effects on the own health are to be expected.

Women appreciate particularly the comprehensive effect of skin of the sauna bath. The skin is very well supplied with blood, wrinkles are smoothed again and annoying skin subunits such as pimples or blackheads can be positively influenced by regular sauna bathing. In case of acute, inflammatory skin diseases, however, a visit to the sauna cabin should be avoided.

The sauna offers many advantages for health and well-being

The effect of skin can be explained by the fact that the strong blood circulation provides a supply of abundant oxygen and nutrients. The metabolism of the skin works twice as fast under the influence of heat. The effect is taut and rosy skin all over the body. The skin pores open up, and in the resting phases between the individual sauna sessions, skin care products are therefore particularly well absorbed by the skin.

Saunas stop skin aging

Studies also confirm that regular sauna visits prevent premature skin aging by strengthening the natural acid mantle. So the benefits are clearly in an improved skin appearance, and the stronger acid protection provided by regular sauna bathing means that fewer minerals are lost during sweating.

A combination of moderate exercise and sauna bathing is also considered ideal for strengthening circulation, well-being, and muscles. However, in order not to endanger one’s own health and not to overload the circulation, sporting activities should of course not be exaggerated.

Positive effects on muscles and minor sports injuries

If you are fit and healthy, you can visit the sauna cabin several times a week without any problems. To benefit from all the positive effects on the body’s defenses and against premature aging of the skin, sauna should be used at least once a week. After the workout, the heat and the sweating result in a complete relaxation of the muscles.

Impending pain of the musculature after sport remains then either completely absent or is noticed only reduced. Saunas have also been proven to speed up recovery from certain sports injuries. This is because hyperthermia, i.e. the slight overheating of the body, promotes healing processes in the case of minor injuries or muscle tension.

Sauna and sports

However, positive effects can only be sustained if sport is practiced first, followed by a sauna after a break of at least 30 minutes. Adequate fluid intake is essential not only for detoxification and purification. However, it is best not to drink a lot between the individual sauna sessions, but in good time before the first sauna session. With sporty activities additionally to the sauna bath, the general liquid need increases again significantly.

Sauna in summer

In the sweltering summer heat, a sauna visit with a temperature of 95 °C (203 °F) may seem counterintuitive. But even in summer, the health benefits of a sauna bath cannot be dismissed. The immune system can be stimulated by thermal alternating stimuli, which can help prevent the dreaded summer illnesses. Sauna visits in summer are also a good preparation for vacations in hotter climates. The body’s ability to adapt to the heat is enhanced, especially when staying in subtropical or even tropical climates.

Relaxation for the mind and stress relief

In addition to the physical benefits, saunas also provide significant mental and emotional benefits. In our hectic and stressful world, the sauna is an oasis of calm and relaxation. The warm ambiance and tranquil atmosphere help to soothe the soul and relieve daily stress. Many people use the sauna as a form of meditation to focus and clear their thoughts.

Promoting social interaction

The sauna is also a social place where people can come together, relax and communicate with each other. It provides an opportunity to spend time with friends and family or make new acquaintances. These social interactions can foster a sense of belonging and community, which in turn increases overall well-being.


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