Ten reasons why sauna is so healthy

Sauna is healthy, that much is clear. But why exactly? There are at least ten good reasons to go to the sauna again and really enjoy yourself.
Ten good reasons to go to the sauna again

Ten good reasons to go to the sauna again

Ten reasons why sauna is so healthy. Sauna is healthy. Surely everyone has read or heard this sentence before. But why is the pleasure of sweating so good for the body? We at Saunazeit put our heads together. The result is ten reasons. Of course, this list is by no means complete. But it’s the ten things that excite our editors the most. Every single one shows that no one should do without a bath in the pleasant warmth. Because in these hours you do your body something really good – and you can even extend your life. Finnish researchers have recently proven that.

1. Sauna strengthens the circulation

In the healthy heat, you give your circulation a real workout. As you sweat, your blood vessels dilate. When you then return to the cool air, the vessels contract again. As a result, the important body conduits gain more elasticity. You may also be able to relieve high blood pressure in this way. Causes of this disease are constrictions in the arteries. When these become more elastic, the body is able to bypass them. But healthy people also benefit from this cardiovascular workout. You feel much fresher and more invigorated – and you become more efficient in everyday life.

2. The heat acts as a booster for the immune system

The immune system also gets a workout in the sweat lodge. This is because the heat tricks the body into thinking that it is suffering from a fever. In order to defeat the alleged pathogen, the organism immediately produces defensive forces. But it does not need them. And so it has the opportunity to store the antibodies. Of course, this does not work for months. But they do remain in the body for a few days. In this respect, you should sweat regularly, especially in winter. That way, you won’t be affected by the flu epidemic at the office. If you additionally take a sauna in summer, you can enjoy this advantage all year round.

3. The skin picture refines itself

Well, admittedly, this has nothing to do with health per se. But, who feels beautiful, is also more efficient in everyday life. And the sauna can do a lot for your beauty. First and foremost, it refines the appearance of your skin. Sweating acts like a gentle peeling. Dead skin cells are flushed out of the body. When you shower, you only need to rinse them off. You can also sweat away excess sebum. This puts an end to annoying pimples and blackheads.

4. The airways become free again

The heat is also good for your breathing. On the one hand, because you have once again a training effect. The oxygen content in the air is lower and the lungs have to work harder. If you sauna regularly, you increase your lung volume. But you should also venture into the steam bath on a long sauna day. The moist air there cleans the airways. Fine hairs are located there. These are incredibly important, but pathogens can also settle here. If you now breathe in the moist air in the steam bath, these are washed away. Those who are already suffering from a cold should seek out a steam bath with a menthol scent. This helps to breathe freely again.

5. Heat relieves pain

Pain can also be triggered by certain substances in the body. This applies first and foremost to rheumatic diseases, i.e. many types of joint pain. These substances are now flushed out of the body by the heat. Some of them simply through sweat. The rest gets out through the dilated blood vessels. Patients notice significant relief from the very first visit to the sauna. However, the effect becomes more pronounced the more regularly you sweat.

6. The heat relaxes muscles and ligaments

You’ve probably noticed that your back pain was more bearable after a sauna visit. There’s a good reason for that. The heat has a relaxing effect on muscles and ligaments. Most everyday aches and pains stem from tension, little knots that form. In the heat, muscles and ligaments stretch and this also loosens these little knots. Maybe this doesn’t work the first time. But if you sauna regularly, you will notice a significant relief. By the way, this also helps preventively: if you sweat after sports, you significantly reduce the risk of sore muscles.

7. Sauna increases the well-being

You feel constantly tired, are often annoyed and actually always tired? Then you should really sweat. Because the pleasant warmth can help you feel better. You have time for yourself and enjoy wellness for body and mind. The good scent emitted by the sauna heater lifts your mood. The soft music makes you forget your everyday worries. At the same time, the heat fights annoying everyday ailments. Already after the first time you will feel like reborn – and start your everyday life again with new strength.

8. With the heat against problems to fall asleep

The sauna bath stresses your body. But in a very pleasant way. Afterward, you feel relaxed. At the same time, the hours in the heat boosted the production of important sleep hormones. So you have less trouble falling asleep – and above all, you can sleep through the night for once again.

9. Sauna against stress

You rush from one appointment to another day after day? No wonder you feel drained. Treat yourself to some time off. What could be better than spending a few hours in your favorite bath? The pleasant warmth caresses your body, the light is dimmed and the sauna stove exudes a pleasant scent. Pure stress reduction and deceleration. Breathe deeply. At the same time, the heat relaxes your muscles. You will notice that you soon feel better. If you are under a lot of stress in your everyday life, you should regularly allow yourself such small time-outs. That way, stress reduction works all by itself.

10. Who sauna increases its life expectancy

You have read it now sufficiently: Taking a sauna is healthy. So much so that the heat even increases your life expectancy. Researchers from the motherland of the sauna have recently shown this in a study. The test persons, who enjoyed regularly the pleasant warmth, suffered clearly more rarely heart infarcts. That is probably on the one hand to the cycle training. But not only. Relaxation also prevents dangerous diseases.


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