Sauna booster for the circulation

A visit to the sauna is really good for the circulation. If you do it regularly, you can even relieve your high blood pressure - and a lot more. Then why not combine the pleasant with the useful.
This is how you sweat yourself healthy!

How to sweat yourself healthy!

Sauna booster for the circulation. The sauna is a booster for the circulation. The heat is even excellent for the heart. A recent study has shown that. High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for coronary diseases. And the pleasant warmth can regulate it. But only if you sweat regularly. Why this works exactly, we explain in this article. You’ll also see that healthy heat can do even more for you.

Training for our circulatory system

When you take a sauna, you regularly alternate between warm and cooler air. And it is precisely this alternation that is a workout for the cardiovascular system. Because in the heat, the blood vessels dilate. They make the blood sluggish and the heart has to beat faster to supply the body. The bottom line is that this actually makes the blood flow a little faster. In the cold air before the sauna, this effect is reversed. The arteries contract. The blood flows through the body again with more pressure – and the heart can beat more slowly. You can also achieve the same effect with alternating showers. But this is far less relaxing.

Fitness for the body

Studies indicate that the organism needs such a workout from time to time. Scientists were able to show that blood pressure was reduced by ten to 15 mmHg after regular sauna sessions. The reason for this is that the vessels become more flexible and better able to adapt to changing conditions. There are even first scientists who suspect,

Enjoying everyday life in a relaxed way

But this is not only healthy. After an extensive sauna bath, you will also notice that you feel fit and relaxed at the same time. This is because blood circulation is improved and this provides more oxygen in the blood. This in turn benefits all organs. At the same time, you’ve had a few hours to unwind. Everyday life has not weighed you down. This lets you go to new tasks fresh and lively.

Caution with pre-existing conditions

Yes, the comforting warmth can lower high blood pressure. However, the workout is also a strain on your circulation. If you have any known pre-existing conditions, consult your doctor – and go slowly. Be especially careful when cooling down. Don’t jump right into ice-cold water. The arteries would contract too quickly. There is a risk of cardiac arrest. So it’s better to go slowly into the cool water – and feet first. Because they are very far away from the heart. The effect is the same, only the body is spared.

Support for the immune system

When you relax in the sauna, it’s also a workout for the immune system. Again, the alternation between heat and cold is to blame. Because your body temperature rises to 102,2 °F within a very short time. This tricks the organism a little. It thinks it is suffering from a fever and produces antibodies. But because it doesn’t really need them, it can store them.

Protection against colds and flu viruses

Of course, this does not work forever. But if you regularly enjoy the comforting warmth, you can significantly strengthen your immune defenses. You will notice this at the latest during the next wave of flu. The pathogens then have no chance of getting into your body.

If you go to the sauna regularly, you are doing your body good. It benefits in many ways:

  • Your immune system is strengthened
  • Vessels become more flexible
  • Skin impurities are eliminated
  • The metabolism is boosted
  • Condition is noticeably improved
  • The heat promotes muscle regeneration
  • The body’s defenses are built up

In short, the sauna is perfect for your health. You can strengthen your circulation as well as your immune system. And it’s fun, too – so let’s go for it.


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