Shiatsu massage for relaxation and well-being

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage. The masseur applies pressure through the palm of the hand, using his body weight on the treatment areas.
Shiatsu massage for relaxation and well-being

What is a Shiatsu massage?

A Shiatsu massage, which you will experience in a professional practice, has nothing to do with the well-known armchairs. It can solve many health problems and additionally ensures that you relax wonderfully. We will show you how to find a competent masseur and how exactly the massage affects your body. Of course, we will explain how the Shiatsu massage works and reveal how you can treat yourself.

Shiatsu massage – Japanese tradition

The ritual is a Japanese tradition that has its roots in 6th century Chinese medicine. Nevertheless, it was a long way until the technique found its way into European massage practices. Because the actual Shiatsu was developed only in the 20th century in Japan – when stress already determined the everyday life of the people. From here, the massage began its triumphal procession via America to Germany. It really arrived in the 21st century. Two forms have established themselves: wellness treatment and medical therapy. For laymen, they are often indistinguishable.

Medical benefits of a Shiatsu massage

We will deal with the variant that has a medical benefit for you. Don’t be afraid, wellness is also involved. In the first place, there is a detailed conversation with the masseur. He will ask you exactly about your complaints. Be honest and do not hide anything. Above all, tell him how long the complaints have existed. Also, if you suffer from underlying diseases, such as high blood pressure, you should inform the masseur. He will adjust the treatment exactly to your needs, so that it has the maximum benefit for you.

Relaxation of body and mind

Afterward, you lie down on a mat to relax. In Germany, you usually do not have to undress for the massage. We advise you to wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily. In principle, you will be lying down the whole time. However, you may have to sit up during the course. Some grips can be performed by the masseur only in this way.

Shiatsu massage – body therapy

The procedure that follows is always similar. The masseur will first palpate all the parts of the body where he suspects blockages. Only then the actual pressure massage follows – along different meridians. Shiatsu massage is a body therapy. This means that the masseur will involve your whole body and not just relieve tension in the muscles.

Shiatsu massage – healing with hands

The professional will apply the pressure with hands, fingers, knees, elbows, or even the feet. The feeling will not be unpleasant for you at all. Typical techniques are grasping, circling or pressing. The point is to stimulate your vital energy. That is why the masseur will perform all the movements very gently and calmly. He will also move your limbs to stretch the muscles. A session lasts about 50 to 60 minutes. In order to experience the full effect, you should enjoy several treatments.

Effect of massage on the body

The effect comes from focusing on the energy points of your body. Energy flows in specific pathways called meridians. Massage is performed along these lines. In this way, the masseur affects each of your organs and your muscles. Your energy flow is brought back into balance and your self-healing powers are activated. The massage stimulates blood circulation, is able to relieve muscle tension, your immune system is strengthened, and the treatment can stimulate defenses if pathogens have already settled in your body. This makes it a proven health maintenance tool that has been used by the Japanese for thousands of years.

Energetic imbalances are balanced out

Massage is used as a supportive treatment for many diseases. Traditionally, it is used to treat migraines, headaches, and sleep disorders. It can also relieve digestive problems, circulatory disorders and respiratory diseases. Studies have shown that it is even able to counteract problems with the circulatory system. However, to achieve this effect, massage must be used regularly over several months.

Reduce stress and increase well-being

But that is not all. Of course, shiatsu massage can relieve stress and promote relaxation. You are placing yourself in the experienced hands of a massage therapist who wants nothing more than to enhance your well-being. An hour of time to close your eyes, trust the professional and enjoy. You will see, the massage relieves stress, and within a few minutes.

Relaxation massage as palliative care

In principle, anyone can enjoy the massage. It is such a gentle method that pregnant women can experience the relaxation massage without any problems. Children will also enjoy the treatment. Patients suffering from serious circulatory disorders, osteoporosis, or tumor diseases should ask their doctor for advice beforehand. In Japan, masseurs regularly visit nursing homes to enhance the well-being of residents. Due to its pain-relieving effect, it is also used as a supportive measure in palliative medicine.

Shiatsu training and therapists

Well-trained therapists can now be found in all major cities. Some physiotherapists learn the technique in their training. Ask in the wellness area of your favorite sauna. On the net, you can get information from the Society for Shiatsu Massage in Germany. Here you will find a list of masseurs with certified additional training. This is not complete, but will give you a first overview.

Shiatsu partner massage

If you want to use the technique at home, you can do so, for example, in the form of a partner massage. Some grips are quite easy to learn from books. And of course, you can resort to one of those shiatsu chairs. The massage you experience there may not be able to compete with the original. Nevertheless, good devices work on important pressure points – and you can relax uncomplicatedly at the end of the day.


David Brunner