Sauna: The healing power of heat!

Especially in the fall and winter months, cold and rain are a real test for our bodies. The immune system should be especially boosted during this time to harden against cold viruses.
Use the healing effect of heat for your physical well-being

Use the healing effect of heat on your physical well-being

A very popular way to ensure relaxation even in the cold season is a visit to the sauna cabin, which is good for body and mind. Regular visits to the sauna can strengthen the immune system in the long term. What benefits a sauna session also offers and what additional considerations should be made, we present in more detail below.

How the sauna cabin affects body and mind

The heat in the sauna cabin gets our blood circulation going and brings a wonderful relaxation effect for our muscles. Painful tensions can be released more easily and we feel fit and refreshed after a visit to the sauna cabin. Furthermore, the alternation between cold and high temperatures strengthens the immune system and the thermoregulatory system. This is because during a sauna session, the body temperature can increase by up to three degrees – like a kind of artificial fever, so to speak.

This mobilizes our defenses, which in turn can more easily eliminate potential pathogens. The blood vessels dilate and our heart rate increases – this benefits our cardiovascular system. The rapid change in temperature between hot and cold also helps our organism to adapt better and harden against cold viruses.

Even more positive effects on our body

Last but not least, a visit to the sauna cabin also stimulates our metabolism as well as our body’s sweat production. Toxins and waste products can be carried out of our body more easily – so we are detoxified from the inside out. Those who suffer from skin problems such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis often experience a significant improvement through regular sauna sessions.

The warm air provides for a clearly better blood circulation of the mucous membranes, which secrete again more secretions with defense materials against pathogens. All these effects show that the healing heat in the sauna – alternatively also in the infrared cabin – has many positive effects on our body.

Taking a sauna during the cold season: sometimes caution is advised!

If you are healthy and feel fit, you can of course visit the sauna without hesitation. However, if you already have a cold or suffer from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or dizziness, you should check with your doctor before visiting the sauna. Inexperienced people should proceed slowly and not remain in the sauna cabin for too long. Jumping into the cold water should also be avoided: It is better to gently shower off with cool water afterward.


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