Wellness with salt

Salty air heals, beautifies, detoxifies and energizes. The use of salt for healing and anti-inflammatory purposes was already known in ancient Egypt. Numerous research results also confirm the beneficial effects of salt application inside and outside our body.
Wellness with salt for skin and health

Wellness with salt for skin and health

Wellness with salt. Salt is the origin of all life. Sounds pathetic, but it’s probably true. Researchers have recently studied the primordial soup. They developed the theory that all life on earth originated from this liquid. In the meantime, they have also found out that this soup was quite salty.

Perhaps this is the reason the white crystals are still good for us humans today. Especially in the wellness sector, more and more clever minds trust in the spicy grains. It helps immensely that many bathing temples have their own graduation works – and can thus bring the elemental substance to light themselves. Essentially, there are two uses for the white gold.

Salt therapy for the respiratory tract

This therapy works through the respiratory tract, but not only on the respiratory tract. Large spas usually offer their guests small chambers. Here, two things work: the white grains and the light. The developers achieve this through the special design of the rooms. The walls are usually lined with salt plates.

This alone causes many tiny crystals to whirl around in the air. In addition, these plates are illuminated with a special light. This creates an atmosphere in which visitors immediately feel at home. And that is exactly what they should do. After all, the therapy only works if bathers breathe in the crystals for around 20 minutes.

Salt-brine therapy

In addition, salty brine is nebulized in the large baths. This dry mist is the real highlight of the matter. It ensures that visitors inhale a particularly large number of the good crystals. The mist is odorless, by the way. If the operators were to add scented substances to it, they would distort the effect.

Positive effects of salt therapy

But what is the real benefit of this therapy? Well, in the first place, it has a positive effect on the respiratory system. Patients with asthma and bronchitis will quickly feel the effect. But people with a cold also benefit from spending time in such rooms. The sniffling nose is cleared, and the cough is quickly relieved.

By the way, the therapy also helps against hay fever. Of course, inhaling the mist cannot cure pollen allergy. Such a claim would be unserious. However, the symptoms can be significantly alleviated in the chambers. Especially if the therapy is applied regularly. The mucous membranes swell significantly, and the nose produces far less secretions.

Salt mist promotes your health

However, the salt mist does not only have a direct effect on the respiratory tract. Patients with skin diseases also report great success. Especially people suffering from neurodermatitis can benefit from a stay in the salt chamber. In addition, the mist has a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases and is wellness for the immune system.

In addition, bathers who suffer from fatigue and insomnia swear by the cure. Whether the white crystals really work here, however, is questionable. In any case, these patients benefit from the relaxing light. They can switch off for a few minutes – and the salt mist promotes their health.

Salt infusions – for baby-soft skin

A salt infusion usually consists of two elements: the infusion and a peeling. The latter is also where the positive effect of the procedure comes from. It ensures baby-soft skin and successfully prevents redness. Wellness for beauty. The guests feel a significant improvement already the first time. However, the full effect unfolds only if salt infusions are visited regularly.

Salt peeling – wellness for the skin

The infusion always comes first. This has a very practical reason: the skin must be moist for the peeling. And those who sweat are known to have moist skin. But that’s not all the infusion does for visitors. It also dilates the pores. This in turn is important for the subsequent peeling.

The widened pores make it easier for the salt crystals to do their work later. The salt infusion is a very classic one in three rounds. The bath attendant infuses with either a fragrance or dissolved brine. Then the warm air is gently misted. Not too much. Because this infusion is all about feeling good – and there are usually a lot of women present. After the third round, the bath attendant asks the guests to go outside.

Application of the salt crystals

Here, everyone receives a small bowl of salt. There are two options for the scrub. Either you rub it on yourself – or (and better) you find a partner. In this way, the back can also be treated. The skin must be carefully rubbed with the salt crystals. Due to their angular structure, they have approximately the same effect as sandpaper. Dead (and thus disturbing) structures are sanded out of the upper skin layer.

No one need to fear pain at this point – as long as they do not have any open wounds. Because if the salt gets here, it can burn quite badly. So be careful. After the rubbing, you return to the sauna without showering. Here the original substance can unfold its full effect in another sweat session. Because not only disturbing skin scales are rubbed off. The white gold also has a soothing effect on the skin. Finally, it’s off to the shower.


Sole nebulizer GP-Saltair V90

With the GP-Saltair your body gets going. Because the anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect of salt inhalations is simply stunning. Especially in case of respiratory diseases such as asthma, cough or bronchitis, the brine nebulizer does real good. With the conventional evaporation of a brine solution, mainly water is evaporated. With the patented GP-Saltair brine nebulizer from Gsöllpointner, things are different: Here, extremely fine microparticles are generated by means of ultrasound. These droplets have a diameter of 1 to 10 micrometers and can therefore penetrate deep into the lungs.

Solevernebler GP-Saltair V90

Sauna Salt Scrub – Honey Almond

The classic sauna salt par excellence! The lovely, delicate scent of honey and the precious almond oil pamper with their magic. Honey and sauna, that simply belongs together, for a perfect sauna experience. With nourishing jojoba oil, fine almond oil and vitamin E. The high-quality care product from the bath cosmetics product lines of Frankonia Bath & SPA. Sauna Sea Salt is the optimal support for a relaxing and refreshing sauna session. Massage in and feel and enjoy the soothing peeling and scrubbing effect. Ideally suited also for the Hammam application or in the steam bath.

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