Sauna infusions soothing and relaxing

It is clear that a visit to the sauna has a calming and relaxing effect. But you can intensify the experience with special infusions.
Sauna concentrates with soothing essential oils support complete relaxation in the sauna

Sauna concentrates with soothing essential oils support complete relaxation in the sauna

Sauna has a calming and relaxing effect on us humans. But who are we telling that to? As a die-hard fan of the comforting warmth, you already know that. But did you know that you can even enhance this effect with sauna infusions? After all, scents have a direct influence on our well-being. And where could you enjoy a fragrance more intensively than during an infusion?

Depending on which essences are used, you can promote different things. Which oil has which effect, we explain in detail in this article. You can easily make these infusions at home with the right concentrates. If you want, you can also enjoy them in the public sauna. Just take a look at the infusion schedule. It always indicates which fragrance will be used.

1. Soothing sauna oils

Have you been feeling exhilarated lately and can’t think straight? Or are you even preoccupied with drastic cuts in your life? Such thoughts may be robbing your sleep. Time for some calming down. Sit down in the sauna, enjoy the pleasant warmth and let the wonderful scents work their magic on you. You’ll see that you’ll feel much better after the first few infusions.

The scents of herbs have a calming effect. It’s up to you to decide exactly which herbs to use. Do you prefer the familiar scent of chamomile or lime blossom? A mixture also has a deep, calming effect.

But you don’t have to rely on these classics. Try sandalwood or cedar wood. The heavy scent of these woods caresses you comfortably and makes you feel calm.

But certain flowers can also be used in such sauna infusions. The sweet scent of the rose, for example, is true balm for the battered soul. Take a deep breath and enjoy an incredible walk through a garden.

Our tip for soothing sauna infusions:
Finnsa Sandelholz
Finnsa Sandelholz*
nur ca. 5 ml auf einen Liter Wasser; ohne Emulgatoren; Sandelholz (Warmer, holzig-balsamischer Duft, beruhigend und ausgleichend)
16,30 EUR
Saunaaufguss 'Zedernholz' hochwertiges Aufguss-Konzentrat...
Saunaaufguss "Zedernholz" hochwertiges Aufguss-Konzentrat...*
Sehr ergiebig und hochkonzentriert. In Deutschland hergestellt.; Hergestellt von einem Mitgliedsunternehmen des Deutschen Sauna-Bund e.V..
Warda Saunaaufguss Wintertraum Konzentrat 200 ml Flasche,...
Warda Saunaaufguss Wintertraum Konzentrat 200 ml Flasche,...*
Duft: Wintertraum; Warda Saunaduftkonzentrate werden aus naturreinen und naturidentischen ätherischen Ölen.

Other infusions that have a calming effect are: Alpine Herbs, Orange Honey, Ice Lime, Citro Lime, Ice Orange, Maharajah, Blue Ice, Swiss Herbs, Honeydew Melon, Strawberry, Winter’s Tale, Vanilla, Magnolia, Passion Flower, Cinnamon Orange, Licorice, Chamomile Juniper, Anise, Fennel, Hay Flower, Orange Honey, Green Apple, Almond Blossom and Orange.

2. Relaxing sauna oils

Stress and hectic pace determine the everyday life of all of us. It makes no difference whether we give everything in the office or manage the household with devotion. But in the long run, no one can keep up such a pace. If you don’t take time out from time to time, you risk burnout. So, off you go to the sauna. The pleasant warmth will make you forget all the stress. Combine your time-out with relaxing sauna infusions.

The scent of lavender is particularly relaxing. It’s not for nothing that people have been swearing by the healing properties of the purple plant for thousands of years. The mixture of lightness and a tart note will relax you immediately. But we know, sometimes it should not be so classic. That’s why you should try scent combinations with honey. The sweet scent will bring back positive memories in no time. But alone it does not make much. That’s why honey is often combined with other scents – ginger, for example. The root adds a tangy note that brings a touch of exoticism.

Pure relaxation is offered by these infusion oils:
Saunaduftkonzentrat Ingwer 200 ml von Warda - Sauna-Aufguss...
Saunaduftkonzentrat Ingwer 200 ml von Warda - Sauna-Aufguss...*
Befreit die Atemwege, fördert die Durchblutung und steigert die Abwehrkräfte.; Das Saunaduftkonzentrat entfaltet sein Aroma bei einem Sauna-Aufguss.
Finnsa Sandelholz
Finnsa Sandelholz*
nur ca. 5 ml auf einen Liter Wasser; ohne Emulgatoren; Sandelholz (Warmer, holzig-balsamischer Duft, beruhigend und ausgleichend)
16,30 EUR
eliga Sauna-Aufgusskonzentrat Wintertraum, 1er Pack (1 x 100...
eliga Sauna-Aufgusskonzentrat Wintertraum, 1er Pack (1 x 100...*
Sauna-Aufgusskonzentrat 100 ml Wintertraum
17,00 EUR

Produktverfügbarkeit: Zurzeit nicht lieferbar!

For even more relaxation, you can use these fragrance oils: Honey, ylang-ylang, euka-mint, clove-orange, blue ice, soft night scent, Schweitzer herbs, citrus, anise-fennel, rosewood, winter fairy tale, honey-melissa, alpine herbs, blueberry, citro-honey, anise, cinnamon, licorice, fennel, sandalwood, menthol, fir, lavender-melissa and lily of the valley.

3. Balancing sauna oils

Do you feel uncomfortable in your skin? It may be because your body and mind are not in harmony with each other. Time to take some time for yourself. Sit on the wooden benches in your favorite sweat lodge and enjoy the day. You can do even more for yourself with balancing sauna infusions. They caress your brain and make you feel better.

Lavender and bergamot are particularly balancing. Two fragrances that have been cultivated by the French for thousands of years. They captivate with a fresh yet tart note. Not for nothing, they are used in the best perfumes in the world. Anyone who inhales this fragrance will soon imagine themselves in a flower garden. Good old chamomile also unfolds its balancing effect when infused. It has already been scientifically proven in many studies.

However, it can be a bit exotic. Patchouli, for example, has its origins in faraway India. A fragrance that takes your mind on a journey through foreign lands. When you arrive back, you are already a bit more balanced. The sweet scents of vanilla and coconut also have a balancing effect on us humans. Probably because they evoke memories of happy days in childhood. Close your eyes and imagine yourself licking a big ice cream with pleasure.

Balancing infusions for body and mind:
well2wellness® Saunaaufguss Konzentrat Lavendel 1,0 l
well2wellness® Saunaaufguss Konzentrat Lavendel 1,0 l*
Hochkonzentriertes well2wellness Sauna-Aufgussmittel; Rein ätherisches oder naturidentisches Öl
26,95 EUR −1,00 EUR 25,95 EUR
Warda 200ml Saunaaufguss Saunaduft Saunaduftkonzentrat...
Warda 200ml Saunaaufguss Saunaduft Saunaduftkonzentrat...*
1x 200 ml; aus naturreinen und naturidentischen ätherischen Ölen hergestellt; ausschließlich hochwertige Rohstoffe
8,90 EUR
200 ml Kamille Saunaaufguss-Konzentrat Kamille
200 ml Kamille Saunaaufguss-Konzentrat Kamille*
Duft: Kamille; alle Duftkonzentrate werden aus natürlichen Ölen hergestellt; verdampfen ohne Rückstände

4. Soothing sauna oils

Are you angry? Everyone is at times. But we don’t always have the chance to let that anger out. For example, it’s not a good idea to yell at the boss. But neither is taking this anger to bed with you. In such a situation, why don’t you visit your sauna and enjoy some soothing infusions?

The scent of vanilla has a particularly calming effect. Probably because we associate it with delicious desserts since childhood. However, it’s admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea. If you like it a bit more tart, you can try an infusion with hay flowers. These scents are usually enriched with herbal notes and have an additional relaxing effect.

After an infusion with green apple, you will also feel a little more calm. However, you will not be so relaxed that you have to go to bed immediately. The spicy scent has an invigorating effect at the same time and you can tackle the rest of the day’s tasks with vigor.

The following essences have a calming effect:

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Grüner Apfel-Saunaaufguss/Duftöl Konzentrat (1x100ml)
Grüner Apfel-Saunaaufguss/Duftöl Konzentrat (1x100ml)*
Hoch dosiertes Saunaaufguss Konzentrat; Produziert in Thüringen; Hergestellt aus orig. französischen Ölen
6,90 EUR

Produktverfügbarkeit: Zurzeit nicht lieferbar!


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