A change bath strengthens the defenses

Sauna: An alternating bath between hot and cold

A sauna bath means pleasant warmth, but also sometimes the jump into the cold plunge pool. The cooling phase after the sauna session is at least as important as the heat in the sauna cabin. Because this alternating bath between hot and cold is what makes the health effect of the sauna.

With psoriasis in the sauna

With psoriasis in the sauna?

The course of a skin disease such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis or acne can even be positively affected by regular sauna visits. The skin is supplied with more blood and the metabolism is stimulated as a result. So there’s really nothing to be said against it. We’ll tell you what to look out for.

How a sauna session affects health

Health aspects for a visit to the sauna

A regular and continuous visit to the sauna leads to an improvement in our health and well-being. Because who sauna, uses an effective natural therapy. Numerous everyday health problems and physical ailments can be prevented or alleviated by regular sauna use.

Pure relaxation in your own four walls - an infrared cabin makes it possible

Is an infrared cabin at home worth it?

For those who do not want to or cannot expose themselves to the high temperatures of a sauna, we recommend an infrared cabin. This is a gentle alternative to the sauna. Because the temperatures here are between 104 and 140 °F. We have compiled the most important information about infrared cabins for you.

How to take a sauna the right way! Instruction for beginners

How sauna beginners learn to sweat properly

To get used to all the benefits of the sauna, typical beginner’s mistakes should be avoided. For an optimal sauna experience, it is important not to sauna on a completely empty stomach, nor immediately after eating. This is because sauna heat cranks up circulation, which could have negative effects in both cases.

Why should sauna bathing be healthy in principle?

When sauna makes you sick!

As we all know, sauna is healthy and therefore very popular among many devotees. So in German saunas, people sweat as much as their bodies can. Even with existing complaints, a sauna session can support healing. But be careful! Sauna is not always good, there are also limitations.

What to do for dry and rough skin?

Does sauna help against rough skin?

A touch of warmth, the scent of wood and the pleasant feeling on the skin – the sauna has been a place of relaxation and recreation for centuries. But in addition to relieving stress and promoting blood circulation, the question also arises: can the sauna also help against rough skin?

Can I go to the sauna despite thyroid disease?

Sauna for thyroid disease

Many are afraid to go to the sauna with a thyroid disease (hypothyroidism). This does not necessarily mean that they are mutually exclusive. The sauna can even have highly positive effects on the patient’s organism.

This is how you sweat yourself healthy!

Sauna booster for the circulation

A visit to the sauna is really good for the circulation. If you do it regularly, you can even relieve your high blood pressure – and a lot more. Then why not combine the pleasant with the useful.

Sauna - a new trend

Sauna – a healthy trend

In Germany, sauna bathing has reached a new record high. 30 million people go to the sauna more or less regularly and this trend will continue in the coming years. Many wellness spas have recognized the trend and now also offer their guests sauna bathing in swimwear.