Relieve arthritis in the sauna

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints and can occur suddenly, affecting any joint in the body. Arthritis is considered incurable, but it can be alleviated by regular applications through exercise and sauna bathing.
Can a sauna bath help with arthritis

Can a sauna bath help with arthritis

Relieve arthritis in the sauna. The heat in the sauna can relieve arthritis. This was recently announced by the German Sauna Association. For patients, this is very good news. The inflammation of the joints often causes such severe pain that it makes everyday activities impossible. In some cases, even the tablets of conventional medicine reach their limits. The quality of life of those affected suffers greatly.

All the better is the news that sauna bathing can alleviate the pain. The prerequisite, however, is that saunas are taken regularly. But that should be difficult for very few people. After all, the pleasant warmth relaxes the whole body and soul. Not only people suffering from arthritis benefit from this.

Joint inflammation alleviated by heat

Pain relief stems from the fact that arteries dilate in the heat. To understand how heat works, you need to realize that the discomfort is caused by different substances in the body. To be sure, the trigger is wear and tear on the joints. But arthritis is a rheumatic disease and thus belongs to the metabolic diseases. And this is where the dilated arteries come into play. In this phase, the organism is able to flush out the messenger substances. This in turn relieves the inflammation of the joints.

Muscles and ligaments relax

In addition, the heat has a general relaxing effect on the body – also on muscles and ligaments. They also cause some painful symptoms. This is because patients adopt a kind of unnatural protective posture in order to be able to move as painlessly as possible. This causes muscles and ligaments to tense up, and the opposite effect occurs. The pain becomes even stronger. The pleasant warmth loosens the knots and hardening that have developed. This ensures that movement hurts less. Some patients can even resume light sports.

In addition, there is the generally relaxing effect of the sauna. Those affected have a few hours to unwind. The oppressive thoughts of the always aching joints also disappear. A welcome time-out for body and soul.

Alternating between hot and cold

However, please do not expect miracles. The heat may relieve symptoms. But it does not attack the causes of the disease. Older patients in particular should talk to their doctor before visiting the sauna. The alternation between heat and cold is good for the circulation, but it can also strain it. In this respect, caution is advised. Especially if you visit the sauna for the first time.

Can certain foods help with arthritis?

Certain foods can relieve the symptoms of arthritis and improve overall joint health. In addition to taking medications, a healthy diet can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. An appropriate diet will also help you maintain your body weight. This is especially important because your hips and knee joints bear the brunt of the weight when you stand up or sit down.

Light physical activity can relieve symptoms

According to research, exercise can relieve joint symptoms and improve arthritis in some people. Exercise stimulates the release of feel-good hormones (endorphins) and can also help people relax and improve their concentration. Leg flutters, arm/leg raises and/or shoulder stretches are simple exercises that can be done at home.

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