Who sauna wisely – sleeps better

Regularly going to the sauna can significantly improve the quality of sleep. After all, if you make it a habit to take a sauna, you are actively training your circulation. And a trained cardiovascular system has been shown to be conducive to healthy sleep.
Proper sauna - better sleep

Take a sauna the right way – sleep better

Those who sauna wisely – sleep better. Those who visit the sauna cabin will notice a relaxing effect afterward. The sauna has a relaxing effect on the muscles and a balancing effect on the mind and spirit. As a result, falling asleep will also be easier. In order to sauna wisely for a healthier sleep, the sauna bath should be enjoyed in the early evening hours or even before the planned bedtime. This is because it is easy to drift straight into a deep sleep from the pleasant and relaxing effect of the sauna heat.

Sauna beginners better go to the sauna in the morning

As beginners, however, sauna users often notice the opposite, namely that they are not tired at all after a sauna session, but on the contrary are rather psyched. In this case, however, it is important to stay on the ball and go to the sauna regularly, i.e. at least twice a week. It takes a while for the body to adjust to the light circulatory training and the deep relaxation of the muscles.

How to sleep through the night again

As soon as the feeling of pleasant fatigue sets in after a sauna session, the desired effect for subsequent restful sleep has been achieved. Regular sauna courses promote however not only falling asleep, but also the sleep through during the night. Also, humans, who had suffered formerly from completely substantial sleep problems, report on significant improvements, since regularly the Sauna is visited. Since sauna heat also has a balancing effect on the psyche and mind, problems falling asleep caused by inner restlessness or depressive moods can also be remedied.

However, care should be taken not to overdo it. If you sauna too often, you will overtax your organism, which could have the opposite effect and significantly reduce the quality of your sleep. A healthy balance is therefore important, whereby passionate and experienced sauna-goers can usually tolerate a little more heat with extended time in the sauna than beginners.

Improve quality of sleep and life in the long term

It is essential, however, to pay attention to individual body sensations, especially when it comes to improving the quality of sleep in the long term by visiting the sauna. The relaxing effect of a sauna session has already been the subject of sleep medicine research. It was found that the effect of heat on muscle tone, i.e. the tension of the striated muscles, was reduced. As a result, the quality of sleep improved considerably.

Serotonin, the happiness hormone

In addition, the proportion of the so-called happiness hormone serotonin in the blood is increased during regular sauna visits. This hormone also causes a considerable improvement in sleep quality through specific neuronal mechanisms in the brain.

With absolute deep relaxation against sleep problems

The phases of a sauna visit are all designed to help the body achieve a pleasantly felt deep relaxation. First, the body reacts to the intense heat stimulus, the skin vessels are dilated and the muscles gradually relax.

Then, after a somewhat longer stay in the sauna cabin, the so-called core body temperature begins to rise by about 1 °C. The sympathetic nervous system of the nervous system is activated. The sympathetic nervous system then gains the upper hand, which eventually also leads to an acceleration of the heartbeat.

The third, sleep-promoting phase of the sauna visit, then sets in later and somewhat delayed. This is when the antagonist of the sympathetic nervous system, the so-called parasympathetic nervous system, ensures that regeneration and recovery mechanisms in the organism are stimulated. This is the time which is described as particularly pleasant and relaxing. This is because the musculature is now comprehensively deeply relaxed, the heartbeat sequence slows down and a pleasant tiredness sets in.


Taking a sauna wisely to promote healthy sleep also means always taking enough time, i.e. never going to the sauna under the influence of stress and hectic activity. It also benefits those who cool down quickly after visiting the sauna cabin, first in the fresh air and only then with the help of cold water. Another vascular training as a sleep aid is a subsequent well-tempered foot bath.


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