What can be done against vermin in the garden sauna?

Those who own a garden usually appreciate this green patch of earth as an oasis of complete peace and relaxation. It will be even nicer if there is still room for a sauna. This has long served not only as a place to sweat.
The garden sauna as a place of complete relaxation

The garden sauna as a place of complete relaxation

A garden sauna can be much more than just a sweat lodge. It is also an original meeting place for friends and family members. How does that sound to you? You probably have an idyllic picture in your mind’s eye right now. But what are those unwelcome visitors crawling across the floor all of a sudden? What do you have to do if you don’t want your relaxation to suddenly turn into hot air? In the following, we will give you a few valuable tips on how you can gently and quickly get rid of the unwanted visitors.

About the flora and fauna in your garden

If you’re a lover of lush plant life, you’ll naturally attract all sorts of creepy-crawlies. As a rule, this is also essential for a functioning ecosystem. If there were no bees, most plants would not be able to continue reproducing. Even spiders perform an important task in nature. They eat many insects that we humans would call pests. Ants can also be quite helpful to you in the garden by keeping aphids at bay. These little pests are, in fact, the favorite food of the little creepy-crawlies.

Unwanted guests in the garden sauna

The situation is completely different with wasps, mosquitoes, or cockroaches. These conspecifics are not only unattractive to look at, they can also do you quite a bit of harm. Especially cockroaches often carry fungi or bacteria, which can easily be transferred to humans in case of skin contact.

When do vermin become a problem?

As long as the small animals are only in your garden, they do not pose a major problem. However, this changes abruptly when the creepy-crawlies find their way into your garden sauna. There they can not only cause considerable damage, but also become a health problem.

Annoying ants in the garden sauna

Ants in particular prefer warm places for their burrows. In the garden, therefore, they are often found under stone slabs that are evenly warmed by the sun’s rays. In the course of time, they often undermine these surfaces to such an extent that entire paths sometimes sink.

Wasp nests in the garden sauna

The situation is quite similar with wasps. These insects often build large nests in the most impossible places, which can quickly become dangerous for humans. This is especially the case when the animals feel threatened. Because then they swarm out in large numbers and sting. If you are allergic to the venom, such an attack can sometimes be life-threatening.

Cockroach infestation in the garden sauna

It gets particularly nasty when there is an infestation of cockroaches. They prefer warm and humid environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, or even your garden sauna. Since they like to stay in dark corners, it is quite difficult to find them at first. Cockroaches grow up to 10 cm in size, yet they can get through any crack, no matter how small.

At the same time, the animal travels so fast that they could easily take you for a walk. Probably the biggest problem with these creepy-crawlies is their ability to transmit disease. They are jokingly referred to as “cabs” for parasites, fungi and bacteria. So it goes without saying to deny them access to the garden sauna.

Mice problem in the garden sauna

They may be cute to look at in your garden, but these rodents really don’t help you relax. We are talking about mice, of course. They can be found wherever food is provided. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your pantry. You would be amazed at the adaptability of these little animals.

However, what sounds so harmless can become a real nuisance, especially in the garden sauna. Because mice often nibble not only wood or supplies, but also electrical cables. The next short circuit is almost pre-programmed. In addition, the bite of a mouse can also transmit various diseases.

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How can I prevent bugs in the garden sauna?

There is a clever saying that is actually very true: “Prevention is better than cure!” That is, you should already take appropriate precautions when building the garden sauna. In the specialized trade you can find a biological wood stain on the subject, which protects against various pests such as termites, woodworm, or even the common house longhorn beetle. It does not contain any toxic ingredients.

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You should also seal the garden sauna as well as possible. This will not only help you keep the heat inside, but also effectively protect against bugs. The market offers many harmless sealants, which even laymen can easily apply.

Choosing the right location of a garden sauna

Think about the location of your garden sauna beforehand! It makes perfect sense to plant it in a completely different location. This is because greenery attracts certain types of insects or even bugs like a magnet. The closer to the garden sauna, the smaller the obstacles for these creepy-crawlies.

It actually goes without saying that a compost pile also needs to be placed in a different direction if you want to use your garden sauna for relaxation. This is because the latter not only smells very strong, but also virtually invites the vermin to stay due to the rotten kitchen waste.

This also applies to the paths leading to it. They provide very good conditions for microorganisms through numerous crevices and cracks. There are special resins with which you can fill the gaps quite well. Thus, small animals no longer have the opportunity to hide under the sidewalk slabs or even undermine them. Basically, the idea is to make the journey to your garden sauna as unattractive as possible for the vermin already.

You can also fight ants with garden lime

Especially ants can be kept away well if you draw boundaries with the help of lime or chalk. The ingredients have a toxic effect, which prevents the animals from crossing. In addition, there are certain scents that some animals do not like. These include, in particular, citrus notes, lavender or even eucalyptus. If you do not have these plants in your garden, kitchen spices such as cinnamon and garlic also perform well.

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What can you do about bugs in the garden sauna?

What can you do if the preventive measures were not enough? First, you should stay calm! Because often it doesn’t take much to get rid of the little pests quickly. If ants have made their way into your garden sauna, you can easily trick them by laying out a container filled with wood wool. Once they nest there, you can release the little crawlers elsewhere in the garden. Because we remember: ants are quite useful helpers!

Keeping away unwelcome pests in the garden sauna

It’s a different story with nasty mosquitoes that are out for our blood. Fortunately, they do not like essential oils. In addition to a strong infusion, a simple scented candle is often enough to send the critters fleeing. The fear of the local spiders is rationally completely unfounded, but nevertheless very widespread. So if you don’t necessarily want to house these posh animals as subtenants in your garden sauna, you should ventilate frequently.

This makes it virtually impossible for the eight-legged crawlers to spin their webs in peace. Clearly more uncomfortable contemporaries are the widespread cockroaches. They can survive for some time even without a head, because their brain is located in the body. So it takes a little more to get rid of these pests. Fortunately, in the specialized market, there are various means that are completely harmless to humans. If this does not bring success, unfortunately, often only the exterminator remains.

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Prevention tips:

  1. Make sure that windows and doors are always well closed. This will at least keep larger animals like mice out.
  2. Do not leave food in the garden sauna! Often a small amount is enough to attract a whole armada of ants. Leftover natural infusions are also a welcome treat for the vermin.
  3. Make sure that there is no water in the garden sauna. This magically attracts mosquitoes in particular. This also applies to birdbaths or bodies of water that visually embellish your outdoor area. The pests lay their eggs even in shallow puddles, which quickly leads to explosive reproduction.
  4. Since most unwanted crawlers don’t like strong odors, you should regularly wash out your garden sauna with vinegar water. This disinfects the surfaces and keeps bugs away. Don’t spare the corners, either! Because that’s where the “vermin” especially like to hide!
  5. If your garden sauna has windows, it is worth investing in particularly close-meshed fly screens. These are now even available as sturdy wire mesh and are therefore also effective against rodents of all kinds.
  6. Never try to simply beat cockroaches to death! In the worst case, these animals will lay their eggs and quickly become a real nuisance. An old household remedy is cucumber peels. The bitter substances contained therein are deadly for cockroaches. If you are not quite sure whether your garden sauna is infested, it is best to lay out the peels in dark and damp corners. However, traps with syrup or certain attractants have also proven very effective.

Essential oils for a relaxed sauna without unwelcome guests

As mentioned several times, essential oils are not particularly well received by vermin. Where better to work with scents than in the sauna? So it’s well worth making an extra strong infusion with lavender, citrus and co. at regular intervals. By then, at the latest, you’ll be alone again in your place of complete relaxation!

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