How good are DIY saunas?

What sauna fan does not wish to own his own sauna. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages - so they can always use the cozy warmth in private. You can buy saunas conveniently and easily at most hardware stores. But how good are the DIY store saunas? We have investigated this question for you.
Sauna kit for home

Sauna kit for home

How good are DIY store saunas? As a sauna fan, you’ve probably asked yourself that question while walking through Obi, Hornbach and the like. The offers in the brochures and in the displays are tempting. But do they deliver what they promise? This is a question that drives many people crazy. To bring a little clarity into the matter, we have investigated. However, we can already say that the answer is not simple. It depends, for example, on what you expect.

Pretty good, but…

Your own sauna for under 2000 euros? That sounds tempting. Home improvement stores know this – and that’s why they’ve acquired large sauna departments. Here, fans can find seemingly all the saunas their hearts desire. From Finnish saunas to fireplace saunas – the range seems to know no bounds.

And yes, all those saunas at the hardware store work, too. But they have two crucial disadvantages. The first weighs quite heavily: you buy a pig in a poke. In most cases, it is a so-called complete set. This comes in exactly one size. If the construction is one centimeter too large, the dream of your own sauna will come to nothing. If the dimensions are correct, however, nothing stands in the way of the inexpensive pleasure. Measure really before the purchase exactly.

At this point, the specialized trade has a large advantage. Customers also buy sets here. But they are adapted to the respective conditions by the experts. This means that a solution can be found even for small, awkward corners. However, so much service and individuality also has its price.

Only for experienced do-it-yourselfer

Another disadvantage of saunas from the hardware store: They come home in many boxes. Then it is called: Self is the Saunafan. A sauna has to be built from boards and cables. That can go well. After all, the instructions are clearly illustrated. However, they are not suitable for an absolute beginner. It is not enough to be able to build Ikea shelves. The handling of hammer and saw should already sit.

As a rule, the connections are not particularly complex in these packages. There are now models for which a standard household socket is sufficient. However, there are also a number of variants that require a power connection. Here you need to check the offer very carefully.

If you buy from a specialist dealer, you’re also on the safe side when it comes to installation. Here the professionals come home and build the dream sauna. If something does not fit, that is their problem.

Technically mostly in order

Technically, most saunas from the DIY store are okay. It is clear that for the low price, no high-quality woods are installed. Predominantly, customers have to do it with a construction from spruce wood. However, this does not have to be a bad thing. This wood definitely knows how to impress with its light color.

However, the walls of these saunas from the hardware store are not particularly thick. That is, they can not really store heat well. When they are freestanding, the energy requirement is quite high.

The ovens themselves do their stuff. Certainly, customers shouldn’t expect high-end products here. Still, they are capable of heating a room. However, the thin walls come into play here again: the small stoves have to struggle quite a bit to bring the wood chamber up to operating temperature.

A matter of balance

Conclusion: The saunas from the hardware store work and are inexpensive to buy. However, they are not really suitable for daily use. The energy consumption is simply too high. Anyone who wants to use their home sweat lodge on a daily basis should venture into the specialty store. The devices here are somewhat more expensive to purchase. But the bottom line is that you will save on energy costs. And, of course, you will benefit from the excellent service provided by the specialist dealers.


Do-it-yourself saunas are a functional and enticingly inexpensive option. Although there are some aspects to consider, such as limited sizes and self-assembly, they can still be a good choice. Specialty retailers, on the other hand, offer customized solutions, excellent customer service and long-term energy savings. Nevertheless, it should not be overlooked that do-it-yourself saunas are quite suitable for occasional use or as a cost-effective option. Ultimately, it depends on personal needs and preferences whether a trip to the dealer is warranted.


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