From infusion to cooling down: the different phases of a sauna session explained

Treat yourself to a relaxing sauna session and learn how to successfully master the different phases! From the pleasant warm-up phase to the soothing cool-down phase - in this article you will learn everything you need to know about the different phases of a sauna session. Let yourself be enchanted and learn how to best enjoy your sauna session!
Why sauna sessions are so beneficial
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Why sauna sessions are so beneficial

If you have ever visited a sauna, you know that it is a unique experience. The heat, sweating and relaxation you feel after a sauna session are incomparable. But why are sauna sessions so beneficial? There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, the heat in the sauna stimulates the circulation and strengthens the immune system. In addition, the heat helps to relax the muscles and relieve pain and tension. The alternation between heat and cooling also improves the health of the skin and promotes its regeneration. All these benefits make sauna sessions a beneficial experience for body and mind.

Preparation for the sauna: what to consider?

Before you go to the sauna, there are a few things you should consider making your sauna session as comfortable as possible. First of all, you should drink enough before going to the sauna to keep your body hydrated. It is recommended to drink at least half a liter of water to balance your fluid levels. In addition, you should take a shower before going to the sauna to rid your body of dirt and sweat.

During the sauna session, you should put a towel under it to protect the bench from sweat and bacteria and to protect yourself from burns. Get used to the heat slowly and don’t stay in the sauna too long. If you feel unwell or dizzy, you should leave the sauna immediately. After the sauna session, you should cool down sufficiently and drink again to regenerate your body.

From infusion to cooling – the different phases explained

You have finally made it and arrived at the sauna. Now is the time to understand the different phases of a sauna session to get the most out of your sauna visit. The first phase is the infusion. Water is poured onto the hot stones to increase humidity and intensify the sauna experience. This is followed by the relaxation phase, where you can simply sit back and let the heat take its toll on you.

The third phase is cooling, which is just as important as the previous phases. Here you should cool down your body slowly to stabilize the circulation. For example, you can take a cold shower or immerse yourself in cold water. If you go through these three phases correctly, your body will be able to regenerate optimally and you will feel like newborn after the sauna session.

How often and how long you should go to the sauna

When it comes to the sauna, the question often arises: how long should I stay in the sauna? How often should I go to the sauna? There is no simple answer to this, because every body reacts differently to the heat. However, as a general rule, you should not stay in the sauna for more than 15-20 minutes. If you feel unwell or notice signs of dizziness or nausea, you should leave the sauna immediately.

It is also important that you have enough time to cool down and rest. A break of at least 20-30 minutes is recommended between sauna sessions. In total, you should not take more than 2-3 saunas per session. Remember that it is important to listen to your body and pay attention to its needs. If you feel uncomfortable, leave the sauna and seek cooling.

Conclusion: The perfect way to relax

And now you have reached the end of your sauna session. You have gone through all the phases and feel relaxed and refreshed. The bottom line: the perfect way to relax is different for everyone. Some swear by a cool dip in the pool, others prefer a cup of tea or a cool drink. It is important that you give your body the time to recover and regenerate.

Take time for yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet. Maybe use the time to read a good book or just relax. A sauna session can be a wonderful way to get away from it all and relax. So take the time and enjoy the relaxation!

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