Sauna bathing after hip surgery

Can a hip implant heat up during sauna bathing? A question that patients ask themselves again and again shortly after hip surgery. We have investigated and enlighten you.
Is sauna bathing with metal implants possible?

Is sauna bathing possible with metal implants?

Sauna bathing after hip surgery. Sauna bathing is a great thing. Wonderfully relaxing hours in the pleasant warmth. It is also quite healthy, especially for joint problems. But is sauna bathing still possible after hip replacement surgery? After all, the joint replacement is often made of metal – and could heat up. If this happens, unbearable pain inside the body would be the result. We have investigated this question and have some surprising answers for you. In addition, we tell you what you should bear in mind shortly after an operation.

The body forms a protective layer

You probably know this: Before taking a sauna, you have to take off all your jewelry. Otherwise, the metal would heat up and cause pain. But what about joint replacements made of titanium, for example? Don’t worry, it won’t heat up. After all, your body is a true miracle worker. It surrounds the foreign body with tissue and also with sweat glands. This protects your replacement joint from the heat. You don’t have to worry that it will get too warm – and burn you from the inside out.

Sauna ban shortly after surgery

Medicine has made great progress. Nevertheless, hip surgery causes relatively large wounds. If they are still fresh, sauna bathing is pure poison. Because in the sweat lodge, all kinds of germs buzz through the air – and settle on your body. To make matters worse, the sweat distributes them quite generously. If the germs now meet the wounds from the operation, they can trigger infections. In the best case, this leads to the formation of deep scars. In the worst case, your entire organism is affected by the infection – and you have to spend some time in the hospital.

To prevent this, you should not start sauna bathing again after hip surgery until the wounds are completely healed. Ask your doctor for advice. He can tell you when the wound healing is complete.

The sauna supports healing

But when the wounds are closed, you should urgently start sauna bathing again. This is because you will need some time to get used to your artificial hip. Your movement was probably very limited before the hip surgery. That’s why you need to build up muscles now. This in turn causes tension and pain.

And this is where the pleasant warmth of the sauna comes into play. It ensures that the muscles and ligaments relax – and relieves pain. So you won’t get through the first period after the operation completely without pain – but it will be much easier, I promise.

The whirlpool is an alternative

You don’t want to wait until the wound healing is completely finished? We can well understand that. After all, heat has a pain-relieving effect. An alternative is a relaxing bath in the whirlpool. Here, it’s not quite as warm as in the sauna, but it’s certainly warm enough. Above all, the water can’t harm your wounds. As long as it doesn’t burn, you can enjoy yourself in the pool.

However, you should not swim yet. After all, you recently had an artificial hip implanted. This is a strain on the entire musculoskeletal system, which now has to cope with a foreign body. You should not put too much strain on it yet. Please follow the instructions of your physiotherapist exactly. Only when he gives you the green light should you start swimming again.

After a hip operation: What else you should avoid apart from sauna bathing

After hip surgery, there are certain rules of conduct to follow in order to support the healing process and avoid possible complications. Besides the obvious ban on sauna bathing, there are other activities you should avoid for the time being. In this overview, you will find the most important points that you should follow after hip surgery to ensure optimal recovery. By following these rules of conduct and adhering to your doctor’s instructions, you can help your body regain hip health and regain your mobility.

  • Avoid heavy physical exertion
  • Do not engage in sports that involve high impact or heavy stress on the hip
  • No jogging, jumping or hopping
  • No weight lifting or heavy lifting
  • No deep knee bends or lunges
  • No hyperextension of the hip
  • No abrupt twisting movements
  • Avoid sitting or standing in one position for long periods of time
  • No climbing stairs without a doctor’s permission
  • Do not carry heavy objects
  • Avoid sitting on low or unstable chairs
  • No driving while you still have limitations in hip motion
  • Follow your doctor’s and physical therapist’s instructions for the rehabilitation program

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