Multifunction sauna: sauna and infrared cabin combined

Have you ever heard of a multifunctional sauna? Multifunctional saunas combine the advantages of the traditional Finnish sauna with those of the modern infrared sauna. In a multifunctional sauna, the Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and bio sauna can all be used in the same cabin.
Hybrid sauna: sauna and infrared cabin combined

Hybrid sauna: sauna and infrared cabin combined

Multifunctional sauna | The combination of a sauna with an infrared cabin can now be realized without any problems. Due to the availability of panel heaters and ABC full-spectrum heaters, there are hardly any limits to the possible applications of a combination sauna. Thus, salt vaporizer attachments can be attached to multifunctional cabins in addition to the sauna heater.

What distinguishes the infusion sauna from the infrared cabin?

Surely you’ve heard of a Finnish sauna, a room heated by an electric or wood-burning stove. Traditionally, guests sit on wooden benches and work up a good sweat. This happens because the stove heats the air. An important part of this is the infusions. They not only warm the air, but also give the room a wonderful smell and humidify the air. Sauna devotees rave about the positive benefits of this ritual. After all, the infusion not only serves to improve health, but also serves another purpose. This tradition is truly celebrated.

Cutbacks in the infrared cabin

This is not possible in infrared cabins. The crackling of a stove is not heard in this room. Instead of heating the air, infrared rays heat the body. This leads to a considerable sweating. A fact that benefits your health. In addition, the feeling of warmth is incredibly beneficial. Even people with poor circulation can enjoy the health benefits of a good workout.

Infrared cabin and Finnish sauna combined

These two tasks are now combined in a multifunctional sauna. This combination forms a compact wellness facility that promises relaxation and well-being. A multifunctional sauna is significantly larger than conventional cabins. Numerous ailments and pain conditions can be effectively combated and alleviated. Who makes use of the strength of the depth warmth, can irradiate its back now purposefully with infrared emitters. Especially people who frequently suffer from back pain can benefit from this combination of infrared and sauna.

Conclusion of a multifunctional sauna

Modern technology makes it possible to combine a sauna with an infrared cabin. A sauna that can be used for deep relaxation as well as for a quick sauna session is an obvious advantage of these multifunctional cabins. On the other hand, you can take advantage of the fast heating of the sauna by the infrared panels.