The advantages of a home sauna

Owning a home sauna offers immense advantages. In the long run, a purchase may be worthwhile. Many sauna lovers appreciate the privacy of their own four walls. Find out why in this article.
Own home sauna provides relaxation for body and mind

Your own home sauna offers relaxation for body and mind

The advantages of a home sauna are many. Finns know this. They love to relax in the sauna after a long day at work. That’s why almost every home in Finland has such a sweat room. In Germany, it is estimated that only 4-5 percent of all households have their own home sauna. However, saunas are becoming increasingly popular in this country as well. But what are the advantages of home saunas, and is it even worth buying one?

Sauna bathing is good for the whole body

Sauna lovers know about the health benefits of saunas. Our immune system loves it when we sweat. The extreme temperature changes give it a workout. The circulatory system gets going. We toughen up, as the saying goes. Infectious diseases such as colds or the flu then hardly stand a chance. Those who do not have room for a sauna cabin in the house can consider a garden sauna.

Others opt for the infrared cabin, which is also highly recommended from a health point of view. No matter what you choose, one thing is certain: frequent sauna visits prevent heart disease. The more often you go to the sauna, the better your heart will feel. In addition to your immune system and heart, your skin also benefits from the sauna. Sweating improves blood circulation and cleanses it.

Taking a sauna makes you happy

That leaves mental health to be mentioned. When we feel wonderful, the body releases fewer stress hormones. In return, more happiness hormones are released. To exaggerate a bit: sauna bathing makes you happy and is an effective remedy against depression!

Sauna bathing really does both the body and the psyche good. Fortunately, there is a public sauna facility in almost every city. But what if you are one of those people who prefer to stay within their own walls? Who leave their home only when absolutely necessary? Then a home sauna may be just the thing for you. Let’s take a quick look at what specific advantages home saunas have in everyday life.

Flexible and individual

At home, you can perform the infusion according to individual needs and momentary mood. What temperature and humidity prevail, you decide alone. Even when purchasing and configuring your own sauna cabin, you can integrate your own wishes.

As soon as the sauna is ready, you can enjoy it at any time of the day or night. The flexible timing is worth its weight in gold. Ideal when you come home late in the evening after a night shift. Also, ideal when you can’t sleep at times. Fire up the sauna heater or sit in the infrared cabin for a few minutes. Afterward, you’ll feel wonderfully relaxed and sleepy. Going home from a public sauna facility would interrupt this pleasant state. The body would automatically release stress hormones again and the relaxation effect would be gone.

Sauna enjoyment in private

A home sauna naturally offers much more privacy than public saunas. The owners can decide for themselves who they invite enjoying the sauna. Usually it is the family or close friends. No one is annoyed by talking too loudly or opening doors too often (both of which are, after all, rather frowned upon in a public sauna facility). At home, you can keep it any way you like.

Maybe it’s a good opportunity to have a long talk with your child or partner. Or to arrange to meet friends for a sauna bath together. One more thing to keep in mind: There are public saunas with separate areas for men and women. But typically there are only mixed sauna areas. Understandably, not everyone feels comfortable here. This problem does not arise with your own sauna chamber. More privacy is not possible.

Rest and relaxation in the home sauna

For many people, the relaxation factor is greater when they don’t have to leave the house. This is even more true in urban environments with their always hectic traffic. Public sauna baths are often crowded, you sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers. You have to be careful not to accidentally step on other sauna guests’ towels. A home sauna saves you this stress. Having a sauna at home means peace and relaxation. Everyone can spread out as much as they want. Also, the hygiene has one in the hand …

In the long run more economical

The cost factor may speak at first sight against the sauna purchase. Admission fees and travel to public sauna baths can run however quite beautifully into the money. In the long run, a regularly used sauna cabin pays for itself after just a few years. On top of that, a home sauna motivates people to use it regularly. This reinforces positive health effects.

How much electricity does a home sauna consume?

Sauna fans who go to the sauna twice a week for about 40 minutes have to consider another 20 minutes for heating up the sauna. The heater needs this temperature to provide the required temperature. Therefore, the total usage time is two hours per week. In addition, the sauna consumes 14 kilowatts per week and provides 7 kilowatt-hours. If the price of electricity is 0.30 euros per kWh, this adds up to 4.20 euros. For the entire year, a total of 218.40 euros must then be included.

The question remains: Should we buy a Finnish sauna or an infrared sauna for the house, or even a sauna house for the garden? Often this is a question of space. The infrared cabin requires the least space. A garden sauna has the advantage that fresh air for cooling down is just around the corner. Each type of sauna promises more quality of life.


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