Spiders in the sauna – what can you do about it?

Spiders in their own homes is for many people the most disgusting thing they can imagine. And even more so in the sauna. Here you want to relax nicely and no spider alarm.
Spiders in the sauna? No, thanks!

Spiders in the sauna? No, thanks!

You are lying relaxed on your lounger after your last sauna session. Then something tickles the back of your neck. As you reach back, a fat spider crawls across the back of your hand. Pretty gross. Isn’t it? And now that you look closer, you also see cobwebs hanging in the corners. Where on earth did they come from? And better yet, how do you get rid of them? Hopefully the arachnids haven’t taken up permanent residence here now!

Wellness sauna or chamber of horrors

Yes, spiders are a pure joy to only a few of us. And women are more sensitive than the men of creation: 59% of all women are disgusted by spiders and 20% of all men. These people do not relax even if they know that spiders in our latitudes are absolutely harmless and even useful. Where the fear and disgust of spiders come from, no one really knows. It is believed that these behaviors are acquired – children look at how parents react to spiders.

The spider, your friend and helper

The first impulse of most people when they see a spider in the sauna or apartment is: they grab a broom, a paper towel or the vacuum cleaner and dispose of the little animal. Spiders, bugs, ants and other vermin are simply not something you want in your sauna, they give the impression that everything is unclean and unkempt. Who knows, maybe spiders even spread diseases. Better to get rid of them immediately and feel good again.

But spiders are really useful animals: they eat a lot of insects! In their webs they catch mosquitoes, moths and mites. Scientists have found out: The cruciform spider, which is common in our country, eats 2 kilograms of insects a year. That is quite a lot.

With mint plants against spiders

The decision has been made: no spiders in the sauna. The good thing is: you can drive spiders away with mint plants. Spiders do not like the scent of mint at all. With a mint bush in front of the window or the door, you ensure that the spiders do not even come into the sauna.

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You can also successfully drive away spiders with other aromatic oils: lavender, tea tree, cinnamon or lemon.

At the same time, mint has another effect: it spreads an aromatic fresh scent, and you can make delicious mint tea from its leaves.

7 tips against spiders in the sauna:
  1. Put up mint plants, lavender is also good. If you do not want to put fresh plants in the sauna area, resort to scented oils.
  2. Install fly screens in front of the windows to prevent spiders from entering the sauna in the first place.
  3. Make a scented spray and spray it in the corners where the spiders like to hang out: Water, 25 drops of peppermint oil and 2 drops of dishwashing liquid.
  4. Ultrasonic plugs in the wall socket drive away spiders and mosquitoes.
  5. If you have an aroma diffuser, you can also set it up in a convenient location and start it up with a scent of your choice.
  6. Cleaning also helps. If you clean and sweep regularly, you won’t let the eight-legged creatures settle down, and you’ll prevent them from spinning webs.
  7. Using an anti-spider spray will not only keep spiders out of your backyard sauna, it will also work against other pests such as flies, mites, fleas, cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes, woodlice, etc. Ideal in areas such as basements and attics, in garden sheds, garages, mobile homes, on boats and in animal husbandry.