Special types of sauna infusion

A relaxing and restful sauna session also includes an infusion. During this process, water is dumped onto heated stones so that the humidity in the sauna room rises sharply. This beneficial effect is supported by experienced sauna masters by vigorously waving a towel so that the steam can be evenly distributed in the sauna.
Sauna infusion makes sauna an experience

Sauna infusion makes sauna an experience

A sauna infusion is celebrated several times within a few minutes to achieve the most lasting heat stimulus. To make a sauna session more exciting, there are various infusions that are pleasant and beneficial for the body through the addition of scented oils or other essences. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to sauna infusions, as the following examples illustrate.

Birch infusion – it smells pleasantly of birch twigs

For the Finns, this infusion is part of their way of life. No one would go to the Finnish sauna without a birch puff. In the meantime, the infusion ritual has also found a place in Western Europe – albeit in a milder variant. Nevertheless, this sauna ritual is not recommended for newcomers. After all, this particular infusion easily reaches over 100 degrees. Sitting on the lower benches doesn’t help either.

If you, but do not shy away from the high temperatures, you should try this custom from Finland. You will definitely not be disappointed. In this infusion method, birch leaves are added to clear water and softened. The water is then used as an infusion. Over time, a pleasant smell of birch twigs permeates the entire room. Afterward, the sauna guests pat each other on the back with the bundles. This is where the circulation really gets going.

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Beer infusion – popular with ladies and gentlemen

Cheerful male groups in particular enjoy a beer infusion, but since this type of sauna infusion releases powerful aromas reminiscent of bread, a beer infusion is becoming increasingly popular with ladies as well. To achieve the best effect with a beer infusion, it is not recommended to pour undiluted beer on the hot stones in the sauna. Experienced sauna-goers recommend mixing the beer with water.

The ideal mixing ratio is considered to be one part beer to nine parts water. In some saunas, beer is served to match the beer infusion, but this is not advisable due to its alcohol content and the prevailing heat in a sauna. Non-alcoholic beer, on the other hand, very impressively underlines the aroma of a beer infusion through its taste.

Fruit infusion – refreshing and invigorating

Due to its fruity note and a pleasant smell, a citrus infusion is very popular with frequent sauna users. The range of available infusion preparations for saunas is very wide and includes not only citrus-based essential oils, but also other oils with fruity notes. Due to their high concentration, just a few drops added to the infusion water are usually enough to create a relaxing sauna experience.

Fresh fruity notes make a sauna infusion a special experience and add a certain freshness to the process. Whether you prefer pomegranate, strawberry or cherry, the range of additives for sauna infusions that combine the best of fruits is very large. In some saunas, sauna guests are also served a small refreshment in the form of small pieces of fruit.

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Salt infusion – a purifying pleasure

A salt infusion works a little differently than most other infusions, as this type of infusion is not just the evaporation of liquid. In fact, in order for a salt infusion to have its full effect, you should first rub yourself with coarse-grained mineral salt. Conventional household salt can also be used. However, experienced sauna-goers prefer coarse-grained mineral salt, because with it the peeling effect is more intensive.

Rubbing with salt can be done either after pre-sweating or after the first infusion. To avoid irritation, it is advisable not to rub salt on the genital area and other sensitive parts of the body. In order to fully enjoy a salt infusion, fragrance concentrates such as pine or spruce are often used for the actual infusion, as they have a beautiful harmony in conjunction with the salt.

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Honey infusion – a dream for the skin

To feel the firming and nourishing effect of honey particularly intensively in connection with a honey infusion, rub yourself with honey during the sauna session. Due to the heat of the sauna, honey is less sticky than usual and also liquefies more quickly. For this reason, it is also not appropriate to apply a lot of honey on the forehead, otherwise it can get into the eyes.

Honey infusion has many positive effects, for example, on the metabolism, but in the first place it has a very stimulating and refreshing effect on the skin. So honey is not only very good for tightening his skin, but is also very effective against skin impurities. To make a honey infusion an unforgettable experience, citrus-based fragrance concentrates or even coconut aromas are very popular.

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Ice and snow infusion – sauna naturally

If you use ice or snow instead of water for a sauna infusion, you can look forward to a very gentle infusion. Because unlike water, snow and ice does not evaporate immediately when it comes into contact with the stones necessary for an infusion. This causes the humidity to rise slowly through the infusion and not as suddenly as in a conventional infusion.

Many sauna-goers find this very pleasant, which is why this method of infusion is becoming increasingly popular. The advantage of a snow infusion, as opposed to an ice infusion, is that snow can be quite easily mixed with a fragrance concentrate to make saunas even more relaxing by adding a pleasant scent.

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Experience infusion – pure entertainment

In addition to the beneficial effect that a sauna infusion has on the body, in many cases the focus is also on the show. Especially in large saunas, the sauna masters are very adept at making an infusion an experience. Through a successful mixture of entertainment and unusual aromas for a sauna infusion, many sauna masters succeed in inspiring their audience and ensuring that the infusion is the highlight of a sauna session.


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