Sport after the sauna: a good idea?

The combination of sauna and sports can be quite useful, if some basic things are observed. We explain what you should look out for.
Combine sports and sauna sensibly

Combine sports and sauna sensibly

Sport after the sauna: a good idea? It must also always be remembered that a visit to the sauna is already a significant, albeit temporary, circulatory load. So if excessive exercise is done after the sauna, this could quickly overload the heart and circulation, leading to undesirable and avoidable health problems. Both, i.e. sport and sauna, are basically healthy and even quite similar in their effect. Visits to the sauna, as well as exercise, boost the metabolism, increase fat burning and strengthen the heart and vascular system in the long term. Both therefore complement each other and can be used in combination, as long as the individual health situation is correctly assessed and no excessive demands are made.

The sauna heat provides relaxed and supple muscles

So a healthy balance is important to benefit equally from exercise and sauna visits. While during sporting activity there is a constant alternation between relaxation and tension, when sweating in the sauna cabin the actual stress arises for the organism and the phase of relaxation then occurs again only later when cooling down. So sports actively generate body heat through movement, while in the sauna room it is passively generated through sweating in the body core. So if both are combined because of the quite similar effect, that is basically correct. A visit to the sauna provides comprehensive muscle relaxation, so the muscles, including those in the extremities, become soft and supple. Tension is reduced, muscle soreness subsides. Muscles can therefore be optimally prepared for a subsequent sporting activity by the effect of heat. Sports are then easier because the sauna heat has already relaxed the muscles.

Peak athletic performance after a visit to the sauna is counterproductive

However, from the point of view of sports physiology, the sporting activity should take place first and only then the visit to the sauna cabin. From the point of view of regeneration, the organism is in a resting phase after a sauna session, so it is not actually prepared for top athletic performance. Those who exercise before going to the sauna lose a lot of fluid, this in turn affects the normal functioning of the muscles. However, the individual constitution and disposition must always be taken into account in order not to provoke or suffer any damage to health. In particular, it is important not to visit the sauna cabin immediately after a sporting activity, but to wait a bit first.

It is always a matter of not overtaxing the heart and circulatory system

This is because after exposure to heat, the pulse rate is greatly accelerated and the heart is correspondingly stressed. However, a noticeable relief of the circulatory system already occurs after about 30 minutes and only then should sporting activity be started. Whenever a sauna visit is combined with physical activity, pulse and blood pressure should be measured for safety reasons. If these two parameters are within the normal range, there is usually nothing to be said against a combination of moderate exercise and a visit to a sauna cabin with 90 °C interior temperature. It is always a matter of not putting your body through too much. Mainly untrained persons should not overdo it with the combination of sports and sauna, but first undergo a comprehensive health check at the family doctor.


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