Sauna relieves tension

In the sauna, tensions in the head, neck and back area are released. The heat promotes blood circulation. In a beneficial way, you can get rid of annoying symptoms.
Positive effect of the sauna on health

Positive effect of sauna on health

Sauna relieves tension. Go to the sauna when you have tension? Yes, the heat in the sauna can actually relieve headaches. At least when it comes to tension headaches. This is because they are caused by tense neck and back muscles. But what can you do about head tension, neck tension and back tension? And how does sauna help against annoying tension?

Taking a sauna is good for your health

When we are stressed, we tense up. We feel the tense muscles in our neck or back in the form of headaches. Many describe this pain as bilateral, pressing and of mild to moderate intensity. People with sedentary occupations suffer disproportionately from neck tension. The good news for sauna lovers: a sauna bath can help. It ensures better blood circulation in the body and deep relaxation. Especially when we really feel good while sweating. Which sauna you choose is a matter of personal taste. They are all warm and that is what matters most.

Heat for better health and well-being

The infrared cabin is also predestined to relieve tension. Such a cabin is relatively inexpensive, both in purchase and maintenance. The tissue irradiated by the heat lamps is better supplied with blood. This is deep heat that goes deep under the skin. This provides soothing relaxation. The body releases endorphins – messenger substances that have a pain-relieving effect. In combination with sports, a stay in an infrared cabin is particularly effective. Ideally, you should visit such a cabin for 25 to 30 minutes before and after sports.

Combining relaxation and health benefits

You may already be thinking about purchasing a sauna or infrared cabin. Especially if you have frequent problems with hardened muscles, this may be a good solution. For those who lack the wherewithal, try a heat pad. Even a simple hot water bottle can often noticeably relieve muscle tension (be careful not to burn yourself. Wrap in a cloth if necessary).

Moist steam baths against tension

A visit to the steam sauna can also help relieve physical tension. The moist heat of the steam sauna penetrates the muscles even more. Sauna novices in particular prefer the relatively mild temperatures of the steam room to the dry heat of the sauna. Please note that you should not stay in the rooms for more than 15 minutes, as the body temperature rises, which can lead to circulatory problems if you stay longer. However, when taking a cold shower afterwards, you should avoid the painful areas so as not to increase tension.

A self-massage for muscle tension

A massage relaxes and loosens tense muscles. Maybe you will find someone who will massage you. If not – also not tragic, then simply massage yourself. For the back, this is something for the more flexible among you, but for the head and neck it is definitely an option. For tension headaches, make light circular movements at the temples. If you suspect neck tension: massage from the shoulder with circular movements with the other hand in the direction of the neck.

Perform self-massage at the first symptoms, as soon as the headache becomes noticeable. The advantage: it can be applied (almost) everywhere and the cost factor is zero. If possible, take a shower or bath beforehand. This prepares the body for the massage. Because the warm water improves the blood circulation and can already loosen first muscle tensions. If you wish, you can use a massage oil for the self-massage.

Sporting activity makes sense despite pain

With tension headaches, sport is the last thing you want to do. However, it is actually a sensible immediate measure for painful tension conditions. Even with severe pain, you should not stay in bed. The more regular the exercise, the better. Often, tension headaches disappear just because of this.

Watch out for these symptoms

A word of caution: tension headaches, neck pain and back pain are usually harmless. However, they can also be symptoms of serious illnesses. If there are other symptoms, such as nausea, please consult a knowledgeable doctor. The same applies if the pain lasts for several days or gets worse.

What your body wants to tell you!

Taking a sauna is actually a great way to relieve tension. The heat in saunas, as well as infrared cabins, does good for hardened muscles in the neck. So, in addition to getting enough exercise, plan regular sauna visits into your daily routine. Which of the various types of saunas you choose is less important. The main thing is that it is warm there, and you can assume that. Your head, neck and back will thank you. Please take care of your health and take neck and head tension seriously. Your body is trying to tell you something …


David Brunner