Get the forest in the sauna

The right choice of fragrance experience is a very crucial wellness factor for the infusion in the dry sauna. Natural and near-natural scents are particularly popular with most sauna-goers for good reasons, and not just because of their calming, vitalizing and harmonizing effects.
Sauna infusions with aromas from the forest

Sauna infusions with aromas from the forest

To bring the forest as a fragrance experience directly into the sauna, different essences of individual trees or a whole potpourri of different woods can be used. This variety allows for a multi-faceted and unforgettable fragrance experience that can help you quickly wind down and get away from stressful everyday life.

When preparing a forest fragrance experience in the sauna, coniferous trees such as spruce, stone pine or pine are particularly suitable for creating a natural atmosphere. These tree species emit a characteristic scent associated with forest landscapes and fresh air. The essential oils of these conifers can help create an authentic forest atmosphere in the sauna room.

The use of spruce essence gives the sauna infusion a fresh and invigorating scent reminiscent of a forest clearing. Swiss pine essential oil has a calming and woody scent that can have a relaxing effect. Pine essence, on the other hand, gives off a pleasant resinous scent and can enhance the feeling of being in a forest.

You can combine different fragrance essences to create a customized scent experience in the sauna. Combining different woody plants creates a unique blend of scents that stimulates the senses and creates a deeper connection with nature.

The forest experience in the sauna can be a wonderful way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and regenerate body and mind. The scent of the forest has a calming, stress-relieving effect and can help restore inner balance.

Forest combination infusion with essences of birch, spruce, pine, or stone pine

Even with natural forest infusions, attention should always be paid to the optimal concentration of the fragrance concentrate in relation to the water to ensure the best possible fragrance experience. Unfortunately, it is still the case in many places that too much infusion concentrate is used and the mixing ratio with water is not correct.

When too much fragrance concentrate is used, the delicate, full-bodied and multi-layered aromatic scents of the natural forest fragrances do not really come to the fore. As a result, part of the unique fragrance experience is lost. To avoid this, the easiest way is to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when preparing the infusion liquid.

The manufacturer’s instructions are a proven guide for making the right ratio of fragrance concentrate to water. Depending on the concentration and type of fragrance concentrate, the exact amount may vary. Take your time and follow the instructions closely to achieve the desired fragrance result.

An optimal blend allows the fragrances to disperse evenly in the air and indulge the senses. A finely tuned natural fragrance infusion with the right concentration can have a relaxing and invigorating effect, while an improperly prepared fragrance can diminish the experience.

Attention must also be paid to the quality of the fragrance concentrates used. Natural and high-quality forest fragrances can create a more intense and authentic atmosphere. When purchasing fragrance concentrates, pay attention to the origin and ingredients to ensure they meet the desired quality standards.

Here’s what to look for when buying essential essences

To bring the forest into the sauna, there are several options, including nature-identical or artificial sauna infusion concentrates. However, for an incomparable fragrance experience, use all-natural essential essences. Essential oils from spruce, Swiss pine, pine or birch give the sauna an authentic forest atmosphere.

Studies have shown that the valuable fragrance essences are even more effective in a forest infusion when combined with a touch of mint. The refreshing note of mint harmonizes perfectly with the essential oils of the conifers and enhances the feeling of a real forest walk in the sauna cabin.

The scent of spruce, stone pine, pine or birch in combination with mint is not only pleasant and soothing, but can also be invigorating and revitalizing. The aromatic components of natural essential oils can also have a positive effect on the well-being and mood of sauna guests.

During sauna sessions, the scents of conifers and mint combined with the warmth of the sauna room can provide a unique sensory experience. The scent of the forest can stimulate the senses, relieve stress and create a relaxing atmosphere.

For the best fragrance experience, be sure to select high-quality essential oils. The quality and purity of the oils affect both the smell and the effect on the body and mind. When buying essential oils for sauna, it is advisable to pay attention to reputable manufacturers who carefully produce their products and pay attention to quality and purity.

Incomparable and relaxing sauna experience with natural forest essences

Also, from a health point of view, natural essential oils in organic quality and from controlled biodynamic cultivation are definitely recommended for sauna infusions with forest essences. Compared to nature-identical or artificial fragrance essences, they are particularly well tolerated and can be a boon to the skin and respiratory tract.

Naturally pure essential oils are extracted from plants and contain the natural active ingredients of the plant. They are obtained in organic quality and are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals that can be used in conventional agriculture. This minimizes potential health risks.

During sauna infusions, the essential oils come into direct contact with the skin and are inhaled. Using natural essential oils in the sauna room can help nourish the skin and support the respiratory system. The natural ingredients can have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and help to relax.

Another important note is that sensitive individuals usually tolerate natural forest fragrances in the sauna room as an infusion very well. Natural essential oils are often better tolerated than synthetic fragrances because they do not contain artificial additives. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consider individual sensitivities and consult a doctor or aromatherapist if you have any concerns.

Smells like a walk through the forest

The recreated fresh forest air in the sauna should ideally have a very pleasant scent of tree sap, freshness and wood. This scent should be longer lasting, but not too overbearing. A popular choice for sauna infusions are fragrance blends with Swiss stone pine extract, as they are found to be particularly subtle yet long-lasting.

Swiss stone pine has a unique scent that many people find very pleasant and calming. The scent of Swiss stone pine essences combines harmoniously with the sauna warmth, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a walk through a beautiful forest. Swiss stone pine can increase well-being and have a relaxing effect.

A classic in the preparation of forest fragrance experiences in the dry sauna is mountain pine. Mountain pine oil has a refreshing, invigorating scent and is often found to be pleasant, soothing and liberating. The scent of mountain pine can have an energizing effect and is often used to support the respiratory system. A forest infusion without mountain pine would therefore be incomplete.

When selecting and combining fragrance essences, personal preferences and needs should be paramount. Everyone has an individual preference for certain forest fragrance blends in the sauna. Some prefer a blend with more citrus notes for a refreshing effect, while others prefer the calming nuances of cedar or fir.


Suitable sauna oils for a fresh forest scent in the sauna

Sauna infusion with 100% organic oils from AllgäuQuelle “Mountain pine”

AllgäuQuelle® Saunaaufguss mit 100% Bio Öle Naturluft...

Finnsa sauna fragrance concentrates “Nordic spruce”

Angebot Finnsa Sauna Duftkonzentrate 1,0 l, Nordische Fichte

Spitzner Sauna Infusion Classic “Spruce Needle” 

Angebot Saunaaufguss “Fichtennadel“ (190 ml) von Spitzner

Unterweger Organic Sauna Oil “Swiss Pine

Angebot Unterweger Bio Saunaöl Zirbe 100 ml - (AT-BIO-301)

Warda Sauna Infusion “Sandalwood”

Warda Saunaaufguss Sandelholz 1 l Flasche - Ein Liter...

Finnsa “Sandalwood”

Finnsa Sandelholz

Spitzner sauna infusion “Nordic birch”

spitzner Gesundheits-Saunaaufguss Nordische Birke 1000 ml...

well2wellness® Sauna Infusion Concentrate “Cedarwood” 

well2wellness® Saunaaufguss Konzentrat Zedernholz 1,0 l

AllgäuQuelle sauna infusion with 100% BIO oils “Forest Infusion”

AllgäuQuelle® Saunaaufguss mit 100% Bio Öle Naturluft...


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